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The Most Dog-Friendly Beaches In Auckland

By Hana Okada
18th Jun 2017

The Most Dog-Friendly Beaches In Auckland

Who loves the salt, sand and sea more than us humans? Our furry best friends! That's why we've gotta get them out and about at the most dog-friendly beaches in Auckland. We know you’d love to share the whole summer with your puppy, but sometimes beach rules keep them at bay (literally). Thankfully, Auckland is brimming with places to take your pooch pals to, so we’ve created this handy list of the best dog-friendly beaches our city has to offer. Walkies will never be the same!

Takapuna Beach

Takapuna is a superb place to take your pawed pal to day-round. However, this dog-friendly beach is even MORE dog-friendly with off-leash hours after 6pm and before 10am in summer—perfect for making the most of the warmer mornings and nights. Grab a coffee from one of the many spots the beachfront offers, and let your fluffy adventurer roam free—there’s no doubt he’ll find a few friends. If you can brave the cold, it’s 24/7 off-leash in winter, too!

Mairangi Bay Loop

A half-hour drive north of Auckland, this wee roadie with your pooch is totally worth the drive. The clifftop and beach walk from Campbells Bay to Rothesay Bay is off-leash so both you and your dog can get in some exercise while saoking in the breathtaking views of the North Shore bays (that’s more for your pleasure). 

Mellons Bay Beach And Reserve 

This off-leash beach may be small, but it's a bustling spot for dogs and their owners to socialize. If your dog needs another friend (or ten), this is where to go—plus, it’s also great to get puppies socialised to well-behaved, older dogs. It's easily one of the best beaches to take your dog in Auckland!

Muriwai Beach

Muriwai has lots of puppy-love to give, providing dogs with an off-leash exercise area on the park. Between the hours of 7pm and 9am during summer, you can also have the pleasure of watching your dog fruitlessly bite at the waves and roam free. With so many tracks close to this summer hotspot, you and your pooch can make a day of it.

Piha Beach

Piha is a classic summer spot and, even better, your best friend can come too! The Piha Domain, Lagoon area, and in-between Monkey Rock and Little Lion Rock are super dog-friendly spots along this colossal beach. With so much sand to dig up and land to explore, taking your dog here will make you the fave of the family.

Bethells Beach (Te Henga)

Bethells is the answer to a quick Auckland getaway during the busy Auckland summers. If you’re keen for a bit of a beach-hop, you can also go from Piha or Muriwai to this beautiful beach. With so much space, dogs can go for a paddle, run around and tire themselves out for a big nap afterward.

Thorne Bay Beach

Another Takapuna goodie, this is a beach spot that’s recently become popular for dog-walkers. Go on the coastal walk from Takapuna to Milford with your dog or explore the volcanic rocks and rock pools together. Bonding!

Kakamatua Intlet

A secret paradise for owners and dogs alike, Kakamatua Inlet is a 15-minute drive from Titirangi and one of Auckland's best dog-friendly beaches. Go when the tide is low, as it’s known to be safe as the water is shallow for dogs and children to play. There’s also a fresh-water stream so your dog can have a drink, and they’re going to need it after all the adventure to be had!

Omaha Beach

No list of the dog-friendly beaches in Auckland would be complete without the mention of Omaha. A favourite for many, a quick trip up north will get you and the four-legged friend on the sandy bays of Omaha. Meaning a ‘place of pleasure’ in Maori, it’ll be your go-to this summer and your dog will love you for it!

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