16 Awesome Things To Do During Earth Hour 2022

By Kaci Carson
25th Mar 2022

People having fun with sparklers.

Each year, countries all around the world unite together for Earth Hour, one of the largest global movements where millions of people pledge to become more earth-conscious by partaking in an electricity-free hour. On Saturday 26 March at 8:30pm we’re turning off the lights, the electricity and even our phones (you can do it!) for one hour all in the name of sustainability. You can register and read more about it here.

Perhaps you’ve done Earth Hour many times before or maybe this is your first time, either way, we’re here to help with a bunch of awesome ideas to spend an hour offline. Take note!

  1. Dine at Cafe Hanoi during Earth Hour and donate 5% of your bill to WWF New Zealand which they will match dollar for dollar.
  2. Do a stretching routine or yoga—now is the perfect time to practice grounding and relaxation all under the moon and stars. Here's how to create the perfect zen space.
  3. Go for a walk or bike ride to explore all your city has to offer by night.
  4. Grab a few friends for a serene picnic under the stars.
  5. If the great outdoors isn't for you (or the weather doesn't permit), have an epic dinner party inside with torches, lanterns, candles, a galaxy projector—you name it.
  6. Take in some stunning views and watch the lights go out at 8.30pm from a local viewpoint.
  7. Get some extra shut-eye. Earth hour is the perfect excuse for a nap or to get to bed early. Here’s how to nail the perfect night’s sleep.
  8. Take in the sights and sounds of nature like a pro by planning a trip to a nearby campsite.
  9. No phone means less distraction—practice mindfulness by taking up meditation. Here’s a beginner's guide. 
  10. Keep yourself entertained by planning a board games night by candlelight with a group of friends.
  11. Book yourself into one of these luxury hotels, order room service then look over your dark city.
  12. Catch up with a friend or neighbour you’ve been meaning to connect with. It’s a great way to encourage others to join in Earth Hour too.
  13. Have a date night by candlelight. 
  14. A phone-free night is a perfect way to kickstart a nighttime routine for deeper and better sleep. Bliss out with these mindful podcasts.
  15. Try your luck with an at-home workout, then just spend the entire hour lying on the floor relaxing.
  16. Take in the starry night sky by connecting the constellations at one of these epic NZ spots

While you're at it, check out these sustainable Instagram accounts to help you up your green game.

Image credit: Urban List

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