How To Create The Ultimate Zen Meditation Space

By Victoria Patapan

a room filled with soft furnishings

After being forced to spend most of 2020 confined inside (global pandemics tend to have that effect), we’ve gotten pretty good at spending time alone with our thoughts. Trust us—hearing Matthew McConaughey narrating a sleep story is the perfect way to drift off to your happy place. 

But a true meditation requires a little more effort than just popping in a podcast before bed. You have to set the scene: dim the lights, fluff the pillows, and get ready to manifest those positive vibes. With a few simple additions to your chill out zone, you can take your meditation game to the next level, faster than you can chant ‘om…’ Here’s everything you need to create the perfect meditation space. 

a bed, bedside table and a painting all in shades of dusty pink

Make Yourself Comfy 

First things first: you’ll want to get nice and cozy. Pick up a luxe velvet floor cushion to turn those hardwood floors into a soft, snug space perfect for finding your inner peace. If you’re a fan of macrame, check out this tasseled floor cushion for a stylish touch that doubles as a relaxation tool.  

Of course, cushions aren’t the only way to keep your floor comfy: rugs do the trick just as well (and offer a lot more space to spread out). Better yet, pick up stunning printed yoga mats, preferably one with beachy designs to whisk you far, far away. Like to put your feet up? Us too. Take a load off with this gorg moroccan leather pouf cover and you’ll be counting down the minutes till your next meditation. 

a salt lamp on a bench

Get The Lighting Right 

Let’s be real—no one’s achieving spiritual enlightenment under the harsh rays of bright bedroom lighting. You’ll want something a little softer on the eyes to really get you in the meditative mood. Step up your self care with this ceramic mini mood lamp. The lamp’s oval design is perfect for casting a gentle, ambient light around any room.    

For something a little less subtle, pick up a string of warm white fairy lights. The gentle glow of the LEDs is perfect for sprinkling a little magic into even the most mundane of hideaways. Of course, when it comes to lighting, Himalayan salt lamps pretty much have the meditation market cornered like this handcrafted salt lamp

a collection of crystals on a bench

Create Some Positive Vibes 

Now that you’ve got the lights right, you’ll want to let the universe know you’re ready to reel in those positive vibes. Leave that negative energy at the door with the help of a selenite tower. Selenite is a natural energy cleanser, so set it up at the entrance to your spiritual space to keep bad vibes in check. We’ll take three. Or, if you’re prone to anxiety, amethyst is bound to be your new best friend. Known for its ability to calm the crowded mind, the crystal can help users connect with their intuition and set them up on their spiritual journey. 

Need a little more love in your life? Us too. Pick up a dusty rose quartz crystal and feel a wave of self-love and newfound confidence wash over your soul. Hold it close to your heart during your next meditation sesh.  

Play Your Mellow Music 

Get yourself in the mood for some serious self-reflection with a bomb-ass playlist of laidback beats. Or better still, let the dulcet tones of your fave celeb guide you through your meditation with the aid of a bluetooth speaker

an incense burner on a wooden plate

Fill The Room With Fresh Lavender

...or whatever scent makes you calm. There’s a reason incense has long been associated with prayer and meditation. Scents like lavender, eucalyptus and vanilla are said to calm the senses, and help guide your way to a safe spiritual space. Your best bet is to clear the air with an aromatherapy candle—we love this one, which is filled with notes of pink grapefruit, vetiver and mint for positive vibes. Complement the scent with an air detoxifying mist, preferably one inspired by the outdoors to bring a little bit of nature in, like this one from Sensori+ inspired by Victoria’s stunning Macedon Ranges. 

For something a little stronger, pick up a handmade terracotta incense holder, and fill it with these seriously delish white musk incense sticks. Worth. Every. Penny. Of course, if you’re serious about your scents, it’s worth investing in an essential oil diffuser— especially one with a decent water capacity. 

a woman sitting cross legged in front of an incense burner

Make It Pinterest-Worthy

Last but certainly not least, create a safe space by filling your room with furniture and decor worthy of your Pinterest feed. Start with a side table for all your crystals like this carved teal number, a macrame dream catcher and perhaps a calming wave print for those who like a beachy feel, or an edgy landscape piece for something different. Place your candles and crystals on this gorgeous gold oval tray and if you’re looking for something to match your Moroccan pouf, try this Bongo side table

Looking for more ways to get yourself in the mood for meditation? Download these meditation apps.  

Image credit: Mala Collective, Sarah Brown, Adairs, Getty Images 

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