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Truck yes! Auckland’s Best Food Trucks

By Olivia Atkinson
22nd Oct 2015

Best food trucks auckland

Some things are just meant to be. Like salt and caramel, and boats and hoes, the union of food and wheels is a glorious one. Food trucks have been rollin’ around Auckland for a while now, silencing our grumbling bellies with their tasty creations.

If you’re yet to get on the Auckland food truck buzz, get excited—a trucking awesome taste adventure awaits! Here are some of the best food trucks in Auckland to get you started.

The Lucky Taco

Tacoooos! Seriously, who doesn’t love em’? We’re pretty sure The Lucky Taco was the food truck to spark Auckland’s food truck hype. Husband-wife duo, Otis and Sarah Frizzell, have a couple of taco tricks up their sleeves, dishing out some of the best food truck fodder in Auckland. From gooey, cheesy pulled pork, to kickass veggie tacos, and a bunch of irresistible specials, The Lucky Taco will send you into a taco-scoffing frenzy (you’ve been warned). They’ve also got a range of hot sauces, salts and pickles, including ‘Exciting Carrots’—because only The Lucky Taco knows how to appropriately jazz up a root veg.

The Roaming Dive

Taking inspiration from 1950s American dives, The Roaming Dive lads have been popping po’ boys, sliders and buffalo wings since 2013. Rustic and simple, yet entirely delicious, their food is made with free range meat and fresh, local ingredients. We’re suckers for The Roaming Dive’s glazed pork belly po’ boy and crispy, crunchy parmesan fries. Catch this Auckland food truck at festivals, markets, and events. ‘Merica!

The Tin Kitchen

A newbie to Auckland’s food truck fleet, The Tin Kitchen are already killing it. Owner-operator, Matt Ross is the culinary genius behind this burger-orientated caravan, feeding flocks of ravenous Aucklanders soft shell crab burgers, and Parathas—spiced pulled meat, cradled by flaky Indian flatbread a.k.a. the best thing since brioche buns. The Tin Kitchen is set to skyrocket into Auckland’s best food truck rankings this summer, so keep an eye on their whereabouts here.

The White Lady

All hail The White Lady! This family-owned food truck has been sobering up Auckland punters with its hearty, humungous burgers since 1948, rightfully earning its spot in the best Auckland food truck rankings. 

Usually parked in Newmarket or around the city, no rowdy evening would be complete without a feed at The White Lady. From burgers the size of your head, to cheesy toasties and milkshakes, The White Lady is a damn tasty end to a night out on the town. Just don’t blame them for your cheese dreams. Cheeese.

The Food Truck

This one goes out to all you burger obsessed health nuts. Just when you thought the two couldn’t go hand in hand, The Food Truck rolled onto the scene. The Food Truck does a delicious job at putting a healthy spin on Kiwi takeout classics, including their famous beetroot burger, lovingly constructed with fresh ingredients and ‘awesome sauce.’ Head to The Food Truck website to see where they’ll be next, or make your way to their permanent restaurant in City Works Depot.

Kraken Crumpets

Oh them Kraken Crumpets! This funky little van is serving up the best crumpets in town. High school sweethearts, Hamish and Amy, selflessly threw their careers to the sidelines so Auckland could enjoy their sweet, sweet crumpets. For that, we are grateful. Whether you’re a crumpet traditionalist (butter and golden syrup), still on the salted caramel buzz (we know we are), or are intrigued by the genius creation that is the savoury crumpet, Kraken Crumpets will seriously delight your tastebuds. Find them via Facebook and get your crumpet fix, pronto.

Dixie Barbecue

Low and slow, Listers, low and slow. That’s the secret to Dixie Barbecue’s tender, lip smacking meat. Brothers Leon and Mark Katavich have covered over 12,000km of American barbecue territory, picking up the secrets of the trade, and arriving back in NZ with a Tennessee wood smoker in tow. Dixie Barbecue has one of the best food truck menus in Auckland, from Texan beef brisket sammies, to trays of sticky ribs, slaw, and hushpuppies—deep fried cornbread balls. Finished with a slice of Dixie Barbecue peanut butter pie, of course. If you need a dose of Dixie, head to their Facebook—they post a timetable every week.

The Street Food Collective

Bringing all the food trucks (and stalls) to the yard is The Street Food Collective, a permanent shared space in Ponsonby. In Lot 3, opposite Miss Moonshine’s, you’ll find this rad spot humming with some of the best food trucks and pop ups in Auckland. You’ll probably find us there, too—we can’t get enough of the place, and with a rotating timetable, you’ll always be treated to something new.

The regular crew includes Judge Bao, Fort Greene, Tiger Burger, The Bearded Clam, The Pie Piper, Goodnight Cocoa, Sweet Vals, Coreano, and Brooklyn Dogs—all brilliant in their own right. The Street Food Collective is also home to Herbie, the 1970s Bedford turned bar, serving up a range of beverages to wash down your food truck fare.

Image credit: The Lucky Taco 

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