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Where To Get The Best Pub Pies In Auckland

By Bella Ramdhanie
28th Feb 2018

Where To Get The Best Pub Pies In Auckland

Flaky pastry that falls apart, warm flavoursome filling and the feeling of pure satisfaction. Yes, the humble pie holds a very special place in our hearts. Whether it's what you’re craving on a road trip, the day after one too many glasses of Sauv, or when you’re out at your favourite pub... if there’s something we know, it’s that a good pie = a whole lot of comfort. We also know that eating one of these bad boys doesn't exactly classify as eating clean. So, when you indulge, it sure better be worth it.

We’re here to guide you in the right direction (to the most delish pub pies, that is). Here are the best places to get a pub pie in Auckland.

Northcote Tavern

Craving an old-fashioned pub meal? Finger-lickin’ goodness is guaranteed when it comes to the delightful pies available at the Northcote Tavern. Whether it is the steak pie with minted peas, mash and gravy or the chicken pie with mash and mushrooms, you’re going to be happy. Satisfaction is a given and it tastes just like mamma used to make. Mmm.

The Alehouse

The pie gods were present when this menu was created, and man, are we grateful. The Alehouse's beef and ale pie includes braised beef, smoky bacon, caramelised onion, sautéed mushrooms and of course, perfected puff pastry. While you’re there, make sure your deserving hands get a hold of one of their to-die-for sticky date puddings, salted caramel sauce = a big yes.

The Patriot

Head to Devonport for a proper pie-dining experience at The Patriot. You’re going to spoilt be choice at this classic pub. Different options include steak, chicken, lamb and vege, all dished up with the most moreish of gravies and sauces. These slow-cooked pies will melt in your mouth... what diet?


O’Hagans is servin’ up their little parcels of golden goodness along with a pint, making it a classic pub experience for us all. Or, depending on what floats your boat, a glass of wine from the Kopiko range is also available! Options include a peppery Angus beef pie or a chicken and mushroom and both are topped with crumbly gold puff pastry. Don’t mind if we do!

Doolan Brothers

Get your pie fix at the Doolan Brothers and you won't be sorry. Located in Newmarket, this pub serves up a both a Guinness pie and a chicken and mushroom. Comfort food cravings are meant to be fulfilled here! Enjoy your pie with a side of creamy mash, you can thank us later.

The Postman’s Leg

This joint is serving up one delish pot pie, and we’re highly recommending it. Head to The Postman's Leg for their Irish stout pot pie, which combines steak, mushrooms, onion, cheddar and a rich ale gravy. Its crispy puff pastry and scrumptious flavour will cure any bad day and/or hangover. Trust us and head to this pub next time you’re craving golden goodness.

Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga

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