6 Best Hot Chocolates On The Sunshine Coast

By Chevaune Hindley - 28 Jun 2016

So here’s an interesting titbit for you: Hot chocolate was actually a thing before chocolate ever was.

That’s right folks—chocolate was sipped, way before it was ever chewed. #Fact

A few ancient Aztec dudes back in 1900 BC were the first to cultivate the cacao bean, and when they weren’t worshipping the Cacao God, they were grinding their roasted beans into a paste, mixing it with water, vanilla, honey, chilli, and spice; and brewing it into a frothy, chocolatey drink. The first solid edible chocolate bar was actually only created in 1847.

We think it’s important to pay homage to this sweet piece of history—so that we not only have a valid excuse to get our chocolate fix for the week, but more importantly—so we don’t piss off any of the Chocolatey Gods.

We’ve rounded up a list of the best hot chocolates on the Sunshine Coast, so you know exactly where to go. Sip away!


Rated by the health tribe as one of the best cafes on the Sunshine Coast, CK Coffee Bar and Wholefoods like to keep it pure and simple, currently offering two delectable hot chocolate winter specials. Both are made from pure cacao (chocolate in its raw form), almond milk, and coconut sugar. Choose either a peppermint chocolate, which is flavoured with peppermint essential oils, or go for the spicy hot chocolate… Both are simply delicious and will give you a good kick of healthy antioxidants!
Where: 17 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba


Pssst! Guess what? We’re gonna be the first to let you know, that on July 1, Decisions Cafe are launching what’s sure to be a winner in the hot chocolate quest. Get this: Nutella hot chocolate. Because who on the planet doesn’t LOVE Nutella, right? The folks behind one of the best cafes on the Sunshine Coast have been fine-tuning this puppy for months (and stocking up on Nutella as they know it’s gonna fly out the window), and they’re almost ready to unleash it on the world! So make sure to add it to your hot chocolate bucket list. It’s going to be epic!
Where: 4/10 Capital Place, Birtinya


Little May Espresso is another one of our hinterland faves, and consistently ranks in our books as one of the best cafes on the Sunshine Coast! They know how to warm both our hearts—and our cold little hands. Just go ahead and wrap your paws around their rich and delicious Suzie June Drinking Chocolate (pictured below) and you’ll know what we’re talking about. They make this beauty using their very own house-made dark couverture chocolate which makes it that extra bit creamier. And they sweeten it up with coconut sugar, which adds a lovely bit of caramel flavour. It’s raw, it’s vegan, and it’s oh so good for you!
Where: 174 Main Street, Montville

hot chocolateCAFE SILO

When we need to escape the chilly sea breeze for a warm drink, where else do we go but into the lush Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Cafe Silo in Yandina is waiting to warm you up with their perfect traditional hot chocolate, made with premium drinking chocolate supplied by Doonan coffee maestros, Flying West Small Batch Roasters. Or if you’re more of a purist, they also whip up a tasty version using Loving Earth raw cacao, Hum honey, Nutty Bruce coconut and almond blend milk—all available for take-home in their adjoining Vitality Wholefoods store!
Where: Shop 9, 1 Old Gympie Road, Yandina


If there is one thing we can all agree on—the peeps down as The Silva Spoon don’t play games when it comes to sweets. Am I right? Their Real African Drinking Chocolate is no exception and is made from an intense cocoa bean sourced from West Africa, leaving your tastebuds feeling as rhapsodic as a rich and creamy African sunset. They offer four beautiful varieties including orange-infused, cinnamon, mint, and original; and they’re way up there as one of the best hot chocolates on the Sunshine Coast!
Where: 1/27 Cotton Tree Parade, Maroochydore


If you’re looking for a warm spot on a sunny lawn, Little Boy Blue is where you’ll find it. This quaint and healthy little cafe offers four delicious fair-trade hot chocolate flavours, all worth coming back to try! We were tickled PINK (get it?) by their tasty options, including dark chocolate, mint, chilli, or orange. Oh yum! You can also go dairy-free with their homemade almond milk. Good for you and good for fair-trade!
Where: Corner Amaroo and Pikki Street, Maroochydore

Is your fave not included in our list of the best cafes on the Sunshine Coast serving decadent hot chocolates? Tell us in the comments. We love a good reason to add more chocolatey goodness to our lives.

Image Credit: Bon Appetit and Claire Plush for Metropolist

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