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The Biggest Sci-Fi Movie In The World Right Now Is Coming To Netflix

By Jessica Best
22nd Feb 2019


Netflix has secured the international streaming rights to distribute one of the biggest sci-fi films in the world right now... !

The Wandering Earth is China’s first massive movie blockbuster based on the book of the same title and it’s made over half a billion dollars (in China) at the box office in its first week release, putting it on par with movies like Avengers: Infinity War.

Following Netflix’s movement to meet a massive sci-fi demand on the streaming giant (comedy and sci-fi take the cake for top-genre viewings), The Wandering Earth is China’s first mainstream epic. It's set in the near future in which the sun is about to expand into a red giant prompting the world to try and save the planet. A bunch of heroes build ten-thousand engines in an effort to propel earth out into the solar system in the hope of finding a new celestial home.

There’s no word yet when the blockbuster will hit Netflix so watch this space for all the details. If you can't wait, the movie is already showing in cinemas around Australia.

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Image credit: The Wandering Earth

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