10 Of The Best Healthy Desserts In Sydney

By Alexandra Hampton
4th Mar 2015

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Being healthy means you don’t always have to skip dessert. And with Easter fast approaching and chocolate surrounding you from every direction, fear not because some of the best desserts in Sydney are actually healthy, so you can enjoy the sweetness without descending into a shame spiral.

Luz Almond Milk Frozen Dessert 

All natural and free of nasty preservatives comes Luz Almond’s approach to dessert. Their frozen desserts are a brilliant alternative to a tub of ice cream with two great flavours: burnt toffee and macadamias and cacao fudge with chocolate pieces. The zero guilt is definitely a bonus as these treats are delicious but also full of antioxidants, protein fibre and good fats. 

Raw Organic Cakes at Earth To Table 

Raw chef and health food extraordinaire Julie Mitsios is the queen of mindful eating. Her Bondi Junction café, Earth to Table, is known far and wide for their signature raw organic cakes. Gluten, dairy and sugar free doesn’t mean they don’t taste good. With tempting flavours ranging from banana cream pie to lemon meringue pie, the true crowd favourites are the raspberry, chocolate or chai cheesecakes. Surely it can’t be that yummy and be healthy as well? Believe in miracles, people.  

Sadhana Kitchen’s Carrot Cake 

If you’re having trouble seeing in the dark, then jump on the bandwagon and get your carrot fix with Sadhana Kitchen’s carrot cake. It’s organic, raw, vegan, gluten and refined sugar free and best of all, guilt free. There’s even vanilla and lemon frosting to make it even more authentic (and tasty)! 

Pure Pops Hand Crafted Ice Pops 

A 100% natural frozen treat is Pure Pops handcrafted deliciousness. The range of flavours come in chocolate shake, ginger beer and lime, blood orange and a pine-lime coconut splice and are all free from artificial flavouring and preservative nasties. Once a market darling, Pure Pops is now being stocked in gourmet grocers, cafes, delis and kiosks across Sydney. 

Raw Cheesecake at Venus Whole Foods 

Snap up one of Venus Whole Foods’ amazing raw cheesecakes at your local farmers market or at their Surry Hills café and rest assured, your insides will be as happy as your tastebuds. 

Chocolate Chilli Cakes at Orchard Street Elixir Bar

Bondi health nuts have been longtime fans of Orchard Street and Elixr Bar’s dessert range. The definite standout amongst the lot is the chocolate chilli cake, which looks as irresistible as it tastes. Be quick, they disappear quickly! 

Bondi Wholefood’s Rawsome Brownies

Bondi Wholefoods are committed to providing you the most nutritionally superior food and make sure that every ingredient is sustainably sourced, so you can feel your best. Their rawsome brownie is the stuff of legends; fudgy and moist with chunks of dairy free dark chocolate and for only $4.50, your chocolate cravings will be satisfied the healthy way.

Buffins at Earth Food Store 

If you’re wondering what a buffin is then head down to the Earth Food Store and try these vegan and sugar free bites of heaven! Made with organic buckwheat flour, organic rice flour, almond meal and coconut and naturally sweetened with fresh apple juice, this muffin is seriously yum. The fruit flavours change daily depending on produce too! 

Powerballs at Ungaro Raw 

Everything under Ungaro Raw is vegan, vegetarian and organic. We’re fans of the teeny tiny but super efficient superfood powerballs. Packed full of acai, spirulina, raw cacao, goji berries, maca root and chia seed, beetroot, raw seeds and nuts – for only $3 it makes a quick but oh so delicious dessert option.  

Peppermint Pantry’s Healthy Tiramisu 

There is such a thing as a healthy tiramisu and it tastes just as good as those laden with cream and chocolate. Make your way to Peppermint Pantry to try this healthy concoction! 

Image: Pure Pops

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