Unwind With Quartz Hot Sand Therapy At Sydney’s Brand New Luxury Spa

By Sammy Preston

The Aqua Retreat At Crown Spa Sydney

Imagine the most indulgent and luxurious spa day—then times that by ten. That's pretty much what you can expect at Crown Sydney's ultra-fancy new spa. If you're looking to dial up your staycations and your self-care in 2021 to a Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, even Beyonce level of extra, this is where your wellness journey needs to begin.

You'll find this dreamy destination on the sixth floor of the diamond-like Crown Sydney tower in Barangaroo. With its six-star high roller hotel and hyped-up but impossible-to-book restaurants, Crown has already been making a lot of noise this year, and yes, the spa is yet another reason to plan a visit. 

Designed by Blainey North, Crown Spa takes its inspiration from the surrounding Sydney vistas, like the deep blues of Sydney Harbour and the coral, violet, and lemonade pink sunsets that colour the sky to the west of the tower at dusk. North's team also spent time understanding the triggers of relaxation in interior design, from textures to lighting, and the subtlest of details. 

“From the moment guests enter the spa, each element of design down to the smallest details in lighting, vaulted ceilings, and backlit features has been curated to create a bespoke and intimate experience," North explained in a statement. 

"We worked with a number of artists across the world to achieve this, including a tailor in New York, who hand-painted silver leaf wallpaper, and Sydney-based surfboard shaping pioneer, Hayden Cox."

Like most of the Crown complex, the spa is lined with swathes of luxury stone—pearl and silver marble sourced from Italy, Greece, China, and Turkey. However, the spa feels like its own separate hideaway with a distinct pink-blue hue, plush chaise lounges and relaxation rooms, and a completely private maze of treatment rooms encircling one of two 37-degree "Vitality Pools". 

You'll also find two signature "Indulgence Suites", which are large private rooms fitted with enormous spa baths for the ultimate R&R during, before, and after your treatment. There are two "Experience Showers", as well as infrared saunas, steam rooms, manicure and pedicure stations, and yoga and meditation spaces. 

As for the treatments available, naturally, Crown Spa uses only the most luxurious of skincare lines. You'll find facials using the classic caviar-doting La Prairie, and Australian ayurvedic and aromatherapy-based brand, Subtle Energies. 

Something called "Quartz Hot Sand Therapy" is the hero treatment on the menu—and you better believe it's the only spa in Australia offering this crystal-fused indulgence. Far from sticking your feet into hot sand at the beach on a summer's day, it's based on an ancient Greek practice called "Psammotherapy" and involves two treatments performed on a mineral quartz bed using a base of warm "alpha-quartz" sand. It's said to be pretty life-changing for anyone with rheumatic and muscular conditions, but also just deeply relaxing too. 

Another treatment titled "Spa Wave - Touchless Therapy" is basically a luxurious power nap, where you'll doze on a state-of-the-art quantum harmonic sound therapy table that combines music, gentle sound waves, and vibrations matched to the body’s energy chakras.

For more information and to check out the full spa menu, head over here

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Image credit: Crown Sydney

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