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Tear Up The Opera House Steps With These Epic Free Dance Classes

By Sammy Preston
16th Feb 2021

Dancers on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

Ever since 2020 cancelled dancing, we’ve been hanging out for an opportunity to bust a move and tear up the DF like the good old days. There was a brief second in December where dancing was given the green light at last, but, as we all know, it was short-lived and all our NYE dancing plans were shunned to the living room once more.

Well, the cool people at Sydney Opera House have a plan to help us break out of our DF hiatus. Basically, throughout March they’ll be hosting a series of totally free, totally safe outdoor dance classes.

Where will these gratis groove sessions be held? The most famous steps and spectacular outdoor stage in the world, of course. That’s right, these classes will take place on the Opera House steps, and if you’re having visions of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a crowd of strangers vibing out to Hall and Oates in 500 Days Of Summer, you’re kind of on the right track.

Called "Every Body Dance Now", the Opera House's free open-air dance classes have been enabled by the NSW Government initiative, Culture Up Late. All skill levels are welcome, and you'll be schooled by world-class dancers, choreographers, performing artists, in a variety of dance styles, including hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, street, and Latin dance. There'll be two class times every Tuesday in March—one at 3.30pm, and a dusk session at 6pm. 

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday 17 February, at 9am right here

The Details

What: "Every Body Dance Now" Free Dance Classes
When: Tuesdays in March
Where: Sydney Opera House steps

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Image credit: Daniel Boud 

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