Indulge Your Nostalgia At This Very Charming Disney Degustation

By Sammy Preston
3rd Apr 2019

Disney nostalgia has hit an all-time high and it is a great time to be alive. Following on from a band of awesome fashion collabs to celebrate Mickey’s 90th, we’re all so ready to settle in for the trio of live-action remakes of iconic Disney films hitting our screens this year (Dumbo is out in cinemas right bloody now, and Aladdin and The Lion King are incoming).  

And in a stroke of culinary genius, Australia’s ultimate creative chef Nelly Robinson has dreamt up a totally charming and very artistic Disney-inspired degustation.

If you’re unfamiliar with Robinson’s Sydney restaurant nel., it is a pretty extra experience and definitely one for your dinner bucket list. Robinson changes up his degustation menu every eight weeks, each time developing a truly incredible, outrageous multi-course narrative, where every plate is a piece of art, a flavour sensation and a story in itself.

His Once Upon A Time Disney-inspired menu might be the most inspired to date—kicking off with a “Spoonful of Sugar” and finishing with the “Seven Moods” of the Seven Dwarves. Other dishes take inspiration from Bambi, Peter PanThe Little Mermaid and Lady and the Tramp. 

“Kiss the Tramp” is a crunchy spaghetti with basil pesto, pork, meatball and mozzarella foam. “Asante Sana Squash Banana” is a banana mousse with saffron banana, tamarind caramel, puffed wild rice and green apple sorbet.

If you decide to go all in with matching drinks, you’ll get a tea-infused pisco sour served out of Chip from Beauty and the Beast, and a bright blue genie-coloured gin creation poured from Aladdin’s golden lamp. The Snow White cocktail features apple moonshine, while the smoking “Pinocchio’s Soul” has finger lime and chilli cricket. 


What: Once Upon A Time degustation
When: Bookings available now for Tuesday 9 April through to Saturday 29 June
Where: nel., CBD
Cost: $118 per person, plus $90 per person for matching wines and cocktails

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Image credit: nel

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