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Say Cheese | Sydney’s Best Cheesecakes

By Christa Cahill
12th Oct 2016

Remember the one when Chandler and Rachel devour the cheesecake that was accidentally delivered to their apartment from ‘Mama’s Little Bakery’ and it was the best cheesecake that they had eaten in the whole entire world? Well, you are in for a treat because we are about to unveil where to find Sydney’s best cheesecakes, and they’re so good they’ll give ‘Mama’s Little Bakery’ a run for its money.  

Whether you want to succumb to your guilty sweet tooth, or satisfy your savoury taste buds, Sydney has a whole variety of places where you can indulge your vital cheesecake needs. I mean cheese + cake … what more could you ask for?

KOI Dessert Bar


If you like your cheesecake extra fancy and are partial to the finer things in life, why not pay a visit to KOI Dessert Bar? Established by the Poernomo brothers, prepare those buds for a totally novel dessert dining experience. The KOI ground floor patisserie café has a selection of delectable and ready-made cheesecakes, whilst upstairs has a more refined offering with sweet and intricately crafted desserts, such as the beautifully deconstructed Burnt Orange Cheesecake, made with curd and crème fraiche and served on a textured honeycomb cookie base. 

Uncle Tetsu


Recently opened in Regent’s Place in Sydney, it would have been hard to miss the meandering queues and crowds of people firmly situated outside the new Uncle Tetsu establishment. This Japanese cheesecake brand first started out in 1985 on Oyafukou Street in Hakata, and has now travelled the globe becoming an international phenomenon, bringing the wonders of his cheesecake to Sydney. Prepared, mixed and baked fresh daily, Uncle Tetsu uses a specialty Australian cheese to bake his mouthwatering cheesecakes, which creates a soft, rich, fluffy and flavorsome dessert. 

Pasticceria Papa

Five Dock

Bringing the delicious scent of Italy’s own breads, pastries and cakes to Australia, Pasticceria Papa is sure to tantalize your taste buds with its delectable selection of cheesecakes; flavours range from blueberry to strawberry, passion fruit to lemon, and of course the famous ricotta cheesecake. These irresistible Italian cheesecake desserts are made with a biscuit base, smooth cream cheese filing and topped with fresh fruits and sweet chocolate decorations. At the Five Dock café, you can evade the chaos of the busy city and relax in the upstairs seating area while you enjoy Papa’s baked goods and coffee. Or you can simply take it away to save for later (that’s if you can resist!)


Crown Street, Surry Hills

The Kürtősh house is a home away from home, as it recreates a comfortable, relaxing and cozy environment, infused with the sweet smell of freshly baked pastries and cakes. Whether you want to indulge in a rich white chocolate cheesecake swirled with a tangy passion fruit coulis and finished with a nutty macadamia and coconut base, or lust over the cookies and cream cheesecake with a crumbly and buttery biscuit base (FYI it has big chunks of cookies inside), run don’t walk to this beautiful Hungarian inspired dessert parlor. 

Black By Ezard 


Now, if soft and creamy sweetness together with a crumbly, nutty biscuit base doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, then head on over to the finest steakhouse, Black By Ezard where you can enjoy the sophisticated goats curd cheesecake, topped with strawberries, nasturtium, and served with a tangy lemon and bergamot sorbet. This stylish restaurant, adorned with modern décor, is inspired by contemporary Australia, and boasts stunning views of Sydney harbour and the cityscape, creating a whole new dining experience with your cheesecake. 

Textbook Boulangerie Patisserie


The Textbook Boulangerie Patisserie is truly a hidden gem of Alexandria, tucked away on the corner of Botany Road, and withholds some of Sydney’s tastiest treats. Within this spacious, modern yet comfortable café, you are able to feast your eyes on the carefully and delicately constructed cakes, freshly hand-made by the talented bakers, John Ralley and Steve Anderson. If you are one to yield to temptation, why not indulge in the rich and beautiful blueberry cheesecake that is infused with vanilla and fresh blueberry jam, baked on a crumbly graham cracker base? You won’t regret it (we surely didn’t). 

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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