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By Ally Parker
22nd Jan 2017

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Brought home Pepsi Max instead of Coke Zero and really stuck your foot in it? Or maybe you want to send a little love to a friend, or butter up a coworker after you accidentally (ish) drank their almond milk? Flowers are the answer my friend.

Whether you’re looking to gift to one of the above lucky ducks or just gift yourself (you deserve it), these Sydney boutiques have you sorted with delivery from florist to door.

Remember, there’s a good reason people love a flower delivery and it’s not just for the Instagram likes (hint: it’s the love).

Petal Post


If we could own a flower delivery service, this would be it; we’re suckers for a spot of alliteration. Petal Post bouquets are fresh, locally grown and ideal for the person who can barely remember to pick up milk, let alone flowers. Each week sees a new arrangement up for grabs and subscriptions run weekly, fortnightly, monthly or by the quarter.

Daily Blooms


Locally grown blooms with one—you guessed it—daily arrangement up for grabs, Daily Blooms are the online florist to have on speed dial. Owner Courtney is also our personal totem to ‘Life Beyond Microsoft Excel’ after ditching the corporate life for greener pastures. Literally. Select from daily, weekly or monthly blooms in four sizes (small to extra large).

Bloombox Co.


Always dreamed of re-enacting John Cusack in Say Anything? Forget a boom box and try a Bloombox—your neighbours will thank you. Bloombox Co. specialise in the flower subscription to soothe your modern soul and include a creativity-sparking video tutorial for self-arranging. Select from weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries (made each Thursday). Bonus: they accommodate your feline fur-babies and their needs.

My Flowerman


These guys know. What. They’re. Doing. Myflowerman are going strong with an emphasis on clean, white and green formations so, if you fancy a healthy balance of native buds and fresh fronds then this is the place for you. Pop down to Paddo and prepare to say, “That’s my flower man,” with pride.

The Daily Bunch


There’s no other way to put it, The Daily Bunch specialise in brightening your day. Pre-order for each day’s unique arrangement, or jump online the day-of if you’re a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ kind of giver. You can also sign up for flowers every week for a month for the long-term gift grift.

Hermetica Flowers


One thing’s for sure, Hermetica Flowers have well and truly earned their Instagram followers. Bouquets range from simple to opulent, and to suit every occasion. Styles vary but our go-tos are bright & bold, indigenous, seasonal posy and soft. You can always add a box of chocolates, scented candles or Champagne for a little something extra. You go Glen Coco.


Surry Hills

Not one to do things by half, buds&bowers do flowers with distinction, focusing on every last detail, right down to the scent. We’re gaga for their viola and mad Max designer arrangements or orange & caramel posy bouquets. For flowers that’ll pass the whiff test with flying (and complementary) colours, pick b&b.


Potts Point

Grandiflora have been around since 1995 and show no sign of slowing down thanks, in large part, to their focus on scale and curation over a ‘stick this here and that there’ approach. Floristry may not be the best profession for a social life (early birds score the best blooms) but Grandiflora prove the hard work is worth it.

Mr. Cook

Double Bay

From clean, single-flower arrangements to artfully balanced mixed bouquets, Mr. Cook has it all—and with a resume including the likes of high-fashion editorial and runway designs, you know you’re in good hands. Check out their Instagram for the most amazing hanging displays this side of a jungle.


Potts Point

Meticulous and with an Instagram you’ll lose yourself in, Poho is the floral delivery service for the pinky-up crew. Boasting three fail-safe options, simple + elegant, sculptural or bright + bold, Poho is an easy win (and not just ‘cause their name sounds like Pocahontas’s hipster nickname).


Surry Hills

Believing that flowers are for special occasions, congratulations, and most importantly, every damn day, Rococo are the floral experts we just can’t say no to. Aside from tip top wedding and bespoke creations, Rococo offer arrangements in a variety of styles delivered straight to your door. What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a bunch of vintage, elegant or vibrant blooms (with seasonal variations of course).

Here are a few of our other fave delivery services in Sydney.

Image credit: Yaseera Moose

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