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Sydney’s Best Manicures

By Rachel Stevenson
24th Aug 2017

Best manicures in Sydney

Here at The Urban List, we like to make things easy; our hair styles, our coffee orders, our gym routines… with that in mind, we thought we’d narrow down the best places to get a manicure in Sydney (we’re kind like that). So here it is, the *definitive* list of Sydney’s best manicures.

The Nail Lab 


Nestled in the heart of Darlinghurst, this cute salon stands out for its impeccable service, retro interior and, of course, their amazing manicures. Treat yourself to one of their great value packages which include exfoliating scrubs and massages before your nail treatment or go crazy and opt for the bespoke nail art – perfect for festivals or when you just fancy having some watermelons on your nails. Err, every day then? The Nail Lab not only keeps your preferred nail shade on file, they also keep your credit card details to eliminate smudging whilst you’re trying to pay. Genius. 

Miss Frou Frou 


Aside from the great name, this Paddington based nail parlour boasts their own 30+ range of ‘fashion forward and cutting edge’ (pretty much how we’d describe ourselves, tbh) nail polishes. So if you’re getting bored of ‘pillar box red’, it’s definitely time to give this indulgent salon a whirl.

The Nail Lounge

Surry Hills

This gorg salon prides itself on the health and wellness of your nails (aww) and specialises in Bio Sculpture Gel. What is this we hear you ask? Bio Scultpure Gel is the original nail gel company offering 100% vegan and chip-free nails for up to three weeks. They have over 180 colours and the Bio Sculpture Gel promises a damage-free and nourishing treatment for nails (move over, Shellac). 

Fleurette Beauty


Unlike some fast-paced nail salons, Fleurette offers customers a relaxed environment with unique service. Choose from OPI Gel Colour, Bio Sculpture Gel, CND Bris Gel… the list goes on!

Sydney's best manicures



Another top contender for best name, Cutiecoolz (get it?) ‘declares war on dull nails’, one Japanese-inspired design at a time. If that’s not a reason enough to get behind them, the kooky salon hand paints crazy, cool and cute designs onto your fingernails. Perfect for a festival, birthday or, you know, work. 

Vivid Nail Salon


As bright as its name, this salon's top product is Calgel, an organic nail gel which offers safe, long lasting reinforcement to your nails. If, like us, your nails have taken a beating over the years, this one’s definitely for you. This salon does artwork using Swarovski crystals. I mean, we have no idea where you’d actually wear these. But still!

Nailed By Larouge


A former burlesque star, Lauren LaRouge now does some pretty spectacular nail art in both 2D and 3D. Say whaat?! Inspired by a trip to Japan and her love of burlesque, LaRouge offers some awesome designs. Plus, her slogan is ‘get nailed’. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. 

Vaia Beauty

Surry Hills

From functional to fashionable manicures, the experts at Vaia Beauty are certainly skilled in the art of nails. The express manicure treatments may be designed for those on the go, but they certainly don't skimp on the treatment. And, if you'd rather relax and make a day of it, Vaia offer deluxe manicures that will blow your mind.

Safir Nails


The Safir Nails team understand that girls are all unique and that we want different things when it comes to our nails. Whether it's a classic manicure, shellac, acrylic, or gel they've got you covered with one of Sydney's best manicures.

Bronzing Boutique

Double Bay

Rounding off our list of Sydney's best nail salons is none other than the Bronzing Boutique in Double Bay. This well-known nail bar is skilled in chip-proof manicures (important!) and offers a vast range of polish colours so that you can be as picky as you like!

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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