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The Best Places To Head For A Facial In Sydney

By Ange Law
21st Mar 2018

With changing seasons, big nights out and, you know, life, it’s hardly surprising that skin of yours is looking a little bleurrgh. Enter: Facials. They’re the perfect way to not only make you feel better, but also make your skin look plump, young and generally brilliant. Plus, experts tell us they are a non-negotiable part of your beauty/anti-ageing/maintenance arsenal so fiiiine, we’ll do it.

With that in mind, and in order to get you the glowing mug you deserve, we've tracked down the best facials in Sydney.

Face Plus MediSpa

Multiple Locations

Face Plus Medispa specialises in looking after your face and skin holistically. Here it’s not just about what they put on your face during your visit—it’s about assessing your diet, lifestyle and external factors to find a treatment that's right for you. Once you check in and relax with a cup of tea, you’ll be taken into their consulting room to chat about your skin concerns and then your highly trained aesthetician will show you to a soothingly dark treatment room before the magic happens (aka, your wonderful treatment). 

Darlinghurst Dermatology 


For a facial that’s 100% backed by medicine, pay Dr. Natasha Cook a visit (and tell her we sent you). Our top pick from the menu is the Hollywood laser peel. More formally known as a Carbon Spectra Peel, this one involves a laser penetrating the deep layers of the skin to refine and tighten pores whilst plumping your complexion. The result? An instant and long-lasting glow.

SpaQ At QT Sydney


Are you in need of pampering? Or does your face need a lift? SpaQ, located in the QT Hotel asks all these questions to make a specialised facial package to suit your needs. SpaQ uses Uspa and Kerstin Florian products, which are applied by skilled therapists to leave you feeling younger and brighter than ever. Sounds pretty damn good to us. 

The Day Spa At The Langham Hotel


The Day Spa is your one-stop luxe AF shop when it comes to getting the facial of your dreams in Sydney. Seriously, from cosmeceutical facials that’ll boost collagen, hydrate and leave your skin looking extra youthful, to a skin lifting facial and a deeply anti ageing facial to boot. We have a feeling you’ll have some trouble choosing the right one for you. 

Zen Facial 


Zen Facial (as you’d expect) is about delivering the nourishing goods to your skin, without any invasive chemicals or machines. Going deeper than only your skin, at this place, each session will begin with a Hara (abdominal) diagnosis to address the underlying cause of skin issues and then the gentle (but super effective) treatment will use high-end products to get serious skin results. There’s a reason this is one of Sydney’s most popular facial spots, just saying.


Multiple Locations

Rationale has long been boasted as one of Australia’s biggest home grown success stories—at least in the skin world. They combine skin DNA testing (yes, really) with Australian botanicals and basically just cutting edge tech so you can have a deeply effective facial. 

Melanie Grant 

Double Bay

Melanie Grant knows the ins and outs of everything skin. As one of Sydney’s best skin professionals and facialists, Melanie Grant provides tailored treatments designed to enhance your skin and complexion to its maximum quality. With the use of state-of-the-art technology and therapeutic products and formulations, she offers exceptional client service with visible results.

The Facialist On Darling


Using 100% natural and certified organic products only, The Facialist delivers treatments ranging from relaxation facials to organic dermabrasion facial treatments and a huge range of specialised treatments designed specifically for your skin. If you’re also looking for a safe space to have extractions or are a teenager wanting to have a facial (perhaps your first) in Sydney, head here. 

Jocelyn Petroni 


Jocelyn Petroni is one of Sydney’s best facialists and that means she doesn’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Blending luxury with efficacy, this is a holistic skin care spot which means every single facial is tailored to your specific needs. We recommend you book in for the signature facial then let her work her magic.  

All Saints Clinic

Double Bay

Step into the luxurious Double Bay All Saints Clinic and let the professionals take a scalpel to your cheeks—we’re talking about derma blading FYI. The process involves removing all dead cells with a specially designed scalpel (don’t panic), leaving you with super smooth, ridiculously hydrated skin. And no, it won’t hurt a bit. Your makeup and skincare will gliiiide on like a dream afterwards, and we promise the hair won’t grow back prickly or thicker.

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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