Calm Your Body And Mind At 9 Of Sydney’s Best Wellness Centres

By Urban List Writers
28th Nov 2019

Sydneys best wellness centres

The fact that Sydney has so many options when it comes to holistic health and wellness is both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, it means we’ll never run out of new and innovative ways to keep our mind and body in check. But this city’s impressively long list of natural wellness centres also means we no longer have an excuse to lay on the couch watching re-runs of old House episodes while self-diagnosing. Le sigh. On a serious note, there’s nothing more important than taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing—so if an apple a day ain’t cutting it, consider paying a visit to one of these sanctuaries instead.

Here are Sydney's best wellness centres. 

Luna Apothecary

Surry Hills

Founded by qualified Naturopath and Beauty Therapist Fay Halkitis, Bourke St’s Luna Apothecary explores the healing benefits of regular facial treatments when combined with evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Essentially, the ethos here is to nourish the body from the inside out and then bask in the glow up.

Luna offers an intimate experience where treatment is curated and catered to each specific customer, with personalised tonics bestowed from the in-house herbal dispensary. This place is the real deal for green beauty lovers and anyone who wants to improve their diet and their complexion at the same time.



Imagine the best massage you’ve ever had, and then multiply that by three. That’s the best way to describe Venustus’ personalised six hand massage treatment, delivered by three massage therapists simultaneously. If a classic two-handed kneading is more your speed, this spiritual sanctuary on Oxford St in Paddington offers those too. Before treatments begin, white sage is burned to clear the space, with crystals and singing bowls incorporated too. Inspired by healing practices native to everywhere from India to Japan, this spa and wellness haven also offers personalised facials using their own brand of high-quality natural skincare.

MO+ Wellness

Bondi Junction

Founded by Barbara Choy in 2007, MO+ Wellness has been bringing the Zen vibes to Bondi Junction for over a decade now. Offering a range of natural wellness services including massage, osteopathy, acupuncture, musculoskeletal therapy, physiotherapy, and spa facial treatments, MO+ Wellness places importance on community, collaboration and supporting local business. Inside, the space exudes relaxation, with ferns cascading from hanging pots and bamboo trunks climbing the walls. All this and we haven’t even mentioned their highly-sought-after “Natural Botox” treatment. Intrigued? Honestly, same.

The School Of Life

Surry Hills

On Bourke St in Surry Hills you’ll find The School of Life—and what it offers is pretty true to its namesake. Less spa and more classroom, TSOL is a global organisation formed to help people lead more fulfilled lives and unlock their true potential through a range of classes, workshops and courses. Most classes are $80 and cover everything from whether to stay or leave a relationship, how to be serene and how to develop self-knowledge. Lead by a team of psychologists, educators, and field-professionals, learn how to navigate whatever life throws at you without referring to a single re-run of House.

Orchard Street

Bronte, Bondi

If you’ve ever found yourself wandering their Paddington outpost, you’d be forgiven for surmising that Orchard St is an organic juice bar boasting healing tinctures and natural elixirs as well as Kombucha on tap. And whilst all of those things are true, Orchard St also offer wellness clinics in both Bronte and North Bondi, specialising in acupuncture, astrology, ayurveda, clairvoyance, energy alchemy, integrative medicine, massage, naturopathy, and yoni mapping therapy. If you’re not familiar with the latter, best read up on it first before making an appointment.

The Broad Place


Dubbed “A School for creativity, clarity and consciousness”, The Broad Place teaches ancient knowledge and modern neuroscience through meditation retreats, courses, workshops, talks and events. Set amongst a row of terrace houses on a quaint street in Paddington, become a pupil of the world as you learn how to empower yourself in your daily life and live with—you guessed it—more clarity, creativity, and consciousness. Through daily meditation practice, their aim is to demonstrate how easy it is to make progress and change for the better while combatting stress, anxiety and fatigue. Just a quick read of the news headlines suggests there’s never been a better time to visit The Broad Place.

Paramount Recreation Club

Surry Hills

Inside the stunning heritage Paramount building in Surry Hills, you’ll find the coolest place to sweat it out. Part social hangout and part gym, Paramount Recreation Club is all about providing a balanced treatment plan for your physical, mental and social health. On offer are a bunch of small group workout classes like strength and conditioning classes, as well as spa treatments including Swedish massage and physiotherapy. There’s also a delicious food kiosk offering a menu of what they like to call “healthy food, not health food”, made with fresh produce and plenty of love.

Nimbus & Co


Founded by qualified nutritionist Su Tuttle and partner Neil O'Sullivan, Nimbus & Co is Bondi Road’s spirit guide. There’s a range of health and wellness services on offer here, including infrared saunas, yin yoga, workshops, and acupuncture. If infrared saunas caught your eye, best believe you’re not alone. Nimbus & Co boast no less than four saunas stocked with infrared heating panels that “penetrate your skin at a cellular level, using dry heat to remove up to 20% of toxins in your body.” But wait, there’s more. Infrared saunas also help with weight loss, skin health, anti-aging, and muscle recovery. See you in the waiting room.

Selph Health Studios


If you’re looking for a place to rejuvenate and repair—enter the luxurious grounds of Selph Health Studios in Rosebery. Offering everything from chiropractic, physiotherapy and remedial massage, to yoga, acupuncture, naturopathy, and nutrition, Selph Health Studios provides curated membership options so you can concentrate on what matters to you. Plus, the space alone is worth a trip—the aesthetic is refined, contemporary, and stunningly sleek, boasting minimal design and heaps of white-walled open space.

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