13 Of The Best Vegan Desserts In Sydney

By Jessica Best
26th Oct 2017

Oh yes, we tracked down all the vegan sweet-treats of Syd-town and then made an epic list of the best, just for you. You can thank us later. For now, your only job is to work your way down the list—twice. They’re that good.

We’re bringing you cakes, slices, buns, doughnuts, cupcakes, gelato, brownies and pancake stacks.  And holy moly if these don’t make you drool all over your phone, we don’t know what will. This is basically one big vegan Willy-Wonka fest of everything you’ve ever wanted in your mouth.

Okay okay, we’ll stop talking. Here are 13 of Sydney’s best vegan desserts!

Cookie Dough Caramel Cake | Pana Chocolate

If you’re not across the vegan cake goodness at Pana Chocolate, well now you are. The legends here make a cookie dough caramel cake that is seriously something else. It’s crunchy, chocolately, gooey and most importantly, effing delicious and tasty AF. Hardly surprising since these guys have been serving up the best vegan desserts for years. 

Sweet Toasted Banana Bread | Orchard Street Elixir Bar

We need to talk about the seriously addictive banana bread that hangs out at Orchard Street on the daily. This healthy little Bondi nook is already famous for its cute chocs and cakes (because they’re the best, obvs) buuuut we want to bring the attention over to their soul-satisfying and super sweet banana loaf drizzled in tahini and coconut nectar, because coconut nectar. Drool.

Bounty Slice | Inlakesh 

When you find yourself craving the good stuff, Inlakesh should be your first port-of-call. We’re talking the creamy and perfectly layered good stuff. Yep, their white chocolate and caramel bounty slice is dangerous. But we still recommend that you grab a couple of them.

Yuzu Cheesecake | Bodhi Restaurant

This bad boy is not for the faint-hearted. The super rich yuzu cheesecake at Bodhi is just pure brilliance. Absolute, pure brilliance (we may or may not come here just for the sweet feed). It sits on a bed of walnut biscuit and is made with black sesame so it’s safe to say the vegan folk of Sydney have hit upon a win with this one.

Pandan Buns | Belly Bao 

These pandan buns are basically the coconut cinnamon doughnuts of your dreams (no exaggeration). Oh yeah, this may just be the best vegan dessert in Sydney and we seriously suggest you get this into your belly ASAP. Think hand-rolled Pandan infused bao balls coated with shredded coconut, brown sugar syrup and served with whipped coconut cream. We’ll just let that sit with you for a minute.

Cupcakes | Little Raw Co.

These baby beauts at Little Raw Co. are 100% plant based and 168% more delicious than anything else you’ve ever consumed. Don’t hate us for not choosing a favourite flavour because the thing is, we actually love them all equally and let’s be honest, you’re probably going to snatch up a mixed six or 12 pack anyway. Just to give you a taste, there’s mint cookie, choc espresso, strawberry sundae and orange and poppy seed, and that’s just the beginning.

Chocolate Popcorn Cake | Black Star Pastry

An oldie but a definite goodie. You really should know all about this brilliant team and the iconic popcorn treat they whip up but just in case you’ve been under a rock—these guys have been serving up some of Sydney's best vegan desserts since the dawn of time. The popcorn is caramelised, the chocolate cake is spongy and to top it off, it’s glazed with cocoa syrup and freeze-dried raspberries.

Magnums | Earth To Table

We’re just doing our civic duty and pointing out that Earth To Table does a mean ice-cream on a stick. And yes, you’re right. It is totally more than that. It’s a salted caramel magnum dipped in creamy chocolate, all coated in pecans. It’s your new summer staple snack.

Three-Scoop Gelato Sundaes | Gelato Blue

It’s a winning concoction that can do no wrong. Thank the vegan gods Sydney because Gelato Blue is serving up gelato made from coconut milk and cream and are giving you this mega-epic three-scoop gelato sundae served in a cardboard tray for maximum practicality. Choose any three flavours (we recommend the OG chocolate, salted caramel and turkish delight) topped with pure melted Belgian chocolate, crushed peanuts and studded with a waffle cone.

Brownies | Green Gourmet

Just the mention of ‘vegan brownies’ should make you drool, especially if we’re talking about the ones at Green Gourmet. Yes, we can assure you that they’re as moussey as anything plus there’s a heap to try including the staple choc fudge (even better than the regular stuff), caramel fig, mint, mocha and peanut butter. These guys are all sweetened with coconut sugar and organic agave nectar so it doesn’t even really count.

Sweet Potato Donuts | Yulli’s

Don’t knock it ‘till you try it people. The sweet potato doughies at Yulli’s are basically little crispy rings of deliciousness that you should be spoiling your tastebuds with (like, yesterday). And to make matters even better, they’re drizzled in sweet coconut sabayon. Oh yeah.

Vanilla Mesquite Pancakes | Bondi Wholefoods

Nothing beats the incredibly beautiful pancake stacks at Bondi Wholefoods. Nothing. Yep, topped with a decadent white cacao sauce, orange cashew cream (ask for extra because yum), fruit and sprinkled with maple almonds, we’re pretty sure this is your one-way ticket to pure pancake heaven. And to Insta-fame. Just sayin’.

Carrot Cake | Ungaro Raw

We can’t stop thinking about Ungaro Raw’s carrot cake and there’s a damn good reason why. Well, because it's one of Sydney's best vegan desserts, but also because we all know golden rule for making carrot cake absolutely and undeniably perfect is nailing the cake to cream-topping ratio. Obvs. Yep, expect lip-smacking, thick and creamy icing and nothing less.

But first, head to one of these spots for a vegan feast. 

Little Raw Co. | Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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