10 Astrology Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow In 2022

By Morgan Reardon
22nd Sep 2022

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We’ll admit it, we’re a sucker for astrology. From monthly horoscope readings to what Mercury retrograde really means, we quite simply can’t get enough intel from the stars. If like us, you’re also hungry for more info to help guide you through 2021, then you’ll want to whip out your phones and start following (and living by) these amazing astrology Instagram accounts. 

From weekly readings to surprise tarot card pulls and all the inside knowledge on what the new moon means for your star sign, these are the best astrology Instagram accounts you need to be following.

Emma Vidgen | @emma_vee

Of course we’re kicking it off with Urban List’s resident astrologer Emma Vidgen. Co-founder of The Wayward Co. and our guiding light when it comes to navigating each month, Vidgen is the cool astro mate we all need in our lives. A former magazine editor, Vidgen absolutely has a way with words. Offering free (not a typo) weekly forecasts for your sign in her authentic, no-bullshit voice, these have become an absolute must watch for us. She also offers natal chart readings and trust us, you want one. Start following Vidgen here.


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Chris Corsini | @chriscorsini 

If you’re looking for the number one stan in the Chris Corsini appreciation club—she’s writing this yarn. A total breath of fresh air, Corsini is an American astrologer living in Portugal, who offers free monthly readings for each star sign that is so incredibly spot on you’ll be thinking he’s inside your brain. Each of the readings include sign language and closed captions, and run for around 10 minutes, so there’s loads of juicy insights to be gained. Plus they’re full of Corsini’s signature sass and ‘bitch, no!’ clapbacks. Start following him here

Jessica Lanyadoo | @jessica_lanyadoo

Astrologer, tarot reader and medium, there isn’t much the amazing Jessica Lanyadoo can’t do, making her one of the best astrology Instagram accounts going. Working as an astrologer for 26 years, Lanyadoo serves up weekly horoscope readings as well as bonus IGTV eps offering practical advice on everything from how to deal with a new moon to what it means for your sign when certain planets square off. We’re also obsessed with her oh-so-accurate memes that give you that little slice of life advice we all need. Go follow this ray of sunshine right here

Colin Bedell | @queercosmos 

If you’re looking for one of the best astrology Instas, @queerscosmo is it. The account is run by New Yorker Colin Bedell,  who has created an queer-safe space for everyone to embrace their star sign and the world of astrology. While he offers up IGTV vids explaining what to expect from retrogrades and eclipses, it’s his bang on dance videos where he absolutely nails the characteristics of certain star signs through song—whilst also giving practical, and yet loving advice—that is the reason we keep coming back. Follow Bedell and all his goodness right here


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Jill Wintersteen | @spiritdaughter 

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and a meme or wholesome quote just gets you right in the feels? In our opinion no one does that better than Spirit Daughter. Run by astrologer Jill Wintersteen, who has 20 years of experience, the Instagram page is filled with insightful—and oh so shareable—IG posts to help you better understand each month and what the retrogrades, phases and planets mean for you. If you want to go one step further, be sure to scope out her new and full moon workbooks. Follow her here

Kirah Tabourn | @thestrology

If you’re having one of those weeks where things just feel a little flat, then head straight to Kirah at @thestrology and she’ll instantly clear everything up with her combination of modern and traditional astrology. Passionate about intersectionality and inclusiveness within the astrology community, her Instagram is packed full of thought-provoking yet practical advice that will see you through the rollercoaster that has been this year. Her Instagram is also where you’ll find the latest info on her much-loved webinars and virtual monthly meetup for astrology enthusiasts. Give her Instagram a follow right here

Diana Rose | @ddamascenaa 

Tarot reader, energy healer and astrologer Diana Rose of @ddamascenaa is perfect for those looking to dive a little deeper when it comes to astrology. She’ll help you understand the planets and what they mean for you, how to practice more self-love, hope and trust and to create those all important boundaries. She also treats followers to a tarot read that really hits the spot! Follow Diana and her honest musings on astrology right here

Raven Stone | @tree_of_stars

After 20 years practicing astrology, Raven Stone is legit and her Instagram is absolutely one of the best to follow for everything you need to know about your sun, moon and rising sign. Quite possibly one of the prettiest IG feeds we’ve ever seen, Stone fills her page with deep dives on new moons and planet shifts that will leave you feeling clued up and most importantly armed with the knowledge you need to take on the upcoming week like a total astrology pro. Get your fix of Raven Stone’s wise words here

Chani Nicholas | @chaninicholas 

If you’re not already following Chani Nicholas are you really even an astrology fan? The LA-based New York Times bestselling author and astrologer has a cool 400K followers on Instagram, and for good reason—she’s absolutely epic. Offering tarot card pulls with helpful explainers and weekly check-ins giving everyone a heads up on how the planets will be affecting their star sign that week, Chani’s page is your one-stop shop for all your astrology needs. And if you want some extra Chani love, you can even check her out on Netflix’s Star Power where she reads the charts of celebs like Amy Poehler and Hannah Gadsby. Fill your feed with Chani Nicholas’ wise words here.

Alice Bell | @stalkalice

From what it’s like to really date a Gemini and retrograde dos and don’ts, to what your love language is based on your Venus sign—Alice Bell of @stalkalice is here to answer literally all of your astrology questions. As well as showing you how to set your intentions for the rest of the week/month/year, Bell also hosts zoom workshops on the full moon so you can really hone into your sign and what the upcoming phases mean for you. Plus, we’re just a little bit obsessed with her amazing outfit choices. Get your fashion and astrology fix here


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