What You Need To Know About The Singapore Travel Bubble

By Morgan Reardon
15th Mar 2021

a cluster of building line an expanse of water in central Singapore at sunset.

If you have been dreaming about your first post-COVID overseas vacay pretty much daily for the last 12 months (same), then amp up, because it could be so much sooner than you think.

While we’re been waiting with baited breath for a trans Tasman travel bubble with New Zealand to be approved (read about it here), it looks like a deal with Singapore is on the cards first.

That’s right, the Asian country, a hub of mouth-watering food, award-winning bars, vibing nightlife and culture is potentially opening their borders with Australia by July. 

While Singapore has technically been open to Australia since last October, our current ban on overseas travel means you can only visit Singapore if you had an exemption from the Department of Home Affairs—not a simple thing.

The proposed new bubble (which is very much still in the development stage) would mean that visitors from Australia and Singapore could travel freely between the two countries—for business or leisure—with no mandatory quarantine time or exemption from the Department of Home Affairs. The only catch is you will need to have the COVID vaccination. 

The deal, which is being spearheaded by the Morrison government, would not only give both countries a much-needed tourism boost, it could also help the approximate 40,000 Aussies stranded overseas return home.

While the government is keeping mum on the details, it’s thought that New Zealand could also join in on the bubble, creating a three-way travel hub. 

It’s so exciting we’re already planning our Singapore hit list. 

To get the holiday prep started, check out this guide on how to spend an epic 48 hours in Singapore. 

Image Credit: Swapnil Bapat

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