This Soil-Free Balcony Garden Is The Foolproof Way To Reduce Your Food Footprint

By Anna Franklyn
1st Jun 2021

An airgarden vertical garden in a courtyard with a pool and potted plants

Between wanting to eat more sustainably, all the time spent at home (and trying to avoid supermarkets) in 2020 and the feel-good vibes you get from eating something you grew from scratch, it's no wonder everyone is talking about growing their own veggie gardens.

While the desire might be there, a staggering 80% of first-time growers fail, due to factors like a lack of time, space or experience—a stat with which we can probably all hard-relate.

But, if NASA can grow plants in space, surely it shouldn’t be so hard for us folk down here on Earth, right?

That's where Airgarden comes in, the game-changing vertical soilless gardening system that uses revolutionary NASA-developed technology to allow anyone to sprout five times more home-grown produce, three times faster, with 95% less water than a regular veggie patch. The kicker? It takes up just one square metre of space making it perfect for your courtyard, balcony, or patio. 


Founded by Brisbane entrepreneurs Prue and Tom Bauer, Airgarden is Australia’s first and only gardening product to use a technology called ‘aeroponics’, which is what’s used by NASA to grow plants in space.

Why is aeroponics so cool? Because more than anything, plants love oxygen and H2O, and with aeroponics, plants are grown in air and mist, without the resistance from any soil, which allows for super high levels of oxygenation. So, growing plants with aeroponics is like feeding a bodybuilder chicken, broccoli and steroids 65 times a day.

From seedlings, leafy greens are fully grown in two weeks, and last for two whole months. Check out this photo which shows just two weeks of growth!

4 Airgardens at different stages

The Airgarden also creates a completely controlled agricultural environment, which eliminates all the risk factors—like too much water or not enough nutrients—that usually cause plants to fail. With a 99% success rate, it is a virtually fail-proof way to grow your own food, no matter where you live.

Co-Founder Prue Bauer says, “Everyone is haunted by memories of failed veggie gardens and dying herbs after hours of watering and digging, so we decided to make growing your own produce at home easy, cost-effective and healthy.”

“Most other urban gardens require three times more space, multiple bags of soil and plenty of water. Airgarden caters to people who don't have a lot of space or time, and those who don't want, or aren't able, to get into the garden and dig or tend to their garden. If you’re renting then it’s no drama, pick it up and take it with you.” 

Since launching during COVID, the Queensland founded brand has continued to grow roots and is widely used in several restaurants across Australia including award-winning Halcyon House’s Paper Daisy restaurant, Manly Boathouse, and Wild Canary. It’s a favourite of restaurants, foodies and the sustainability-conscious as the garden allows users to only pick what they need, creating zero waste recipes for a true garden-to-table experience. 

To capitalise on this momentum, the creators of Airgarden want their growing community of urban farmers to be able to invest in it, and are launching an equity crowdfunding campaign to add fuel to their aeroponic rocket. 

Whether you’re an experienced investor or you've never put a dollar down, the door is open for you to do so. Anyone can invest, from as little as a few hundred dollars, and money will aid in helping Airgarden develop and launch the enhanced Airgarden 2.0 which will make it possible for people to grow indoors, and to turn Airgarden into a household name.

You can find more information about Airgarden’s crowdfunding campaign right here.

Image credit: Airgarden

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