Everything To Expect When Going Plastic Free, From Someone Who’s Done It For Two Years

By Sophie Oddo
30th Mar 2021

At Urban List, we believe it’s important to recognise trailblazers who align their values with actions, which is why we’ve teamed up with Bank Australia to share the inspiring stories of Australians who have joined the clean money movement and aligned their bank with their values.

Implementing positive action to help make the world a better place takes courage, strength and tenacity. But to encourage and help others to do the same, well... that’s worth celebrating. 

One of those people is John Rbeiz. John grew up in Lebanon and is passionate about reducing or completely avoiding plastics and unnecessary waste. Inspired by the waste crisis in his home country, John went plastic-free for a whole two years and can fit all the plastic he was unable to avoid in a small glass jar. After the royal commission, John wanted to switch banks to one which was more aligned with his values. He is now a proud customer of Bank Australia and is helping to spread the good word on how to live a low waste life.

Whether you're taking your first steps in leading a plastic-free life, you're wanting to nail some easy wins to reduce waste or you're wanting to know how to keep the momentum going, John’s got the answers. Check out the video on what to expect when starting your plastic-free journey.

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