All The Best Bamboo Tumblers You Need In Your Life

By Jessica Best
2nd Aug 2022

It’s the little things that count in your daily routine that really do make a difference. Today, we’re making a case for bamboo tumblers, the single most important detail that will really raise your vibrations and make your day that much better.

But how, we hear you ask?

Bamboo tumblers guarantee a few things—durability and temperature control, for starters. On top of this, and we probably don’t need to remind you, bamboo is a fibre that is sustainably-sourced meaning less trees are harmed and less water is wasted to harness it.

Read on for the best bamboo tumblers.

Smart Bamboo Tumbler By Chambamboo

Price: $68.15

We mean, when there’s a smart temperature display—how could you say no? The Chambamboo bamboo tumbler is one of a kind that will not only share the temperature of your drink with you digitally but also has corrosion resistance as one of its super powers. This bamboo tumbler will keep your preferred bevvy hot between six to 12 hours and cold drink cool for up to 24 hours. Buy it here.

M2o Life Tea Thermos

Price: $48.11

This tumbler is guaranteed to do it all for you, regardless of whether you’re a loose leaf tea enthusiast or can't live without your morning caffeine intake. The M2o Life Tea Thermos will absolutely clock in as your new emotional support bottle too thanks to its handy wrist strap and excellent ergonomic design that allows it to fit in most standard cup holders (so you can spend less time fidgeting). Because it's been created with an organic bamboo exterior and stainless steel interior, you’re also guaranteed durability, which we love. Fill it with all kinds of concoctions including fruit infusions, cold brew or smoothies too. Buy it here.

NDBOX Bamboo Tumbler 

Price: $28.99

If you want something easy to wrap your mitts around and to throw in your gym bag or tote, the NDBOX Bamboo Tumbler probably has your name on it. Not only is each tumbler slightly unique (real bamboo means no two textures are the same) but the double-walled interior is made from food-grade stainless steel meaning it maintains temperature unlike any other bottle. Its vacuum insulation tech will also prevent any spillage. Buy it here.

Bamboo Tumbler With Tea Infuser by LeafLife

Price: $74.38

Okay, this bamboo tumbler ticks all the boxes so strap yourself in. For anyone looking to score some brownie points with a sustainably-minded mate of sorts, Leaf Life’s bamboo tumbler is a no brainer. The bottle’s 18/8 food grade stainless steel makes it resistant to odor, stain and bacteria and it’s also certified BPA and lead free. Tea fanatics will love this one because it also comes with a two piece detachable tea infuser and strainer perfect for infusing fruit water. Buy it here.

Roots-N-Kulchah Bamboo Tumbler

Price: $51.90

These canisters of goodness are 100 per cent natural and sustainably sourced, a win for anyone keen to lower their carbon print. The air tight lid is the real winner here and highly suggest for anyone who’s prone to the odd leak from time to time. Buy it here.

Hirozaku Reusable Bamboo Tumbler With Straw

Price: $62.55

This multipurpose bottle, cup, tumbler—whatever you want to call it, can handle any situation you throw at it. First up, its wide straw has been purposefully created to take on all kinds of beverages, from smooth milkshakes and fruit-filled smoothies to boba milk tea. Next, the bamboo leak proof lid means you can rock on throughout the day minimising your spillage and reusing your bottle with ease. And thirdly, no one likes it when tumblers drip—this guy comes with a neoprene carrying sleeve to soak up all the chill. Genius. Buy it here.

Rush 300ml Bamboo Insulated Flask

Price: $39.85

Fressko's Rush is a hard-wearing bamboo flask which includes a two-in-one diffuser. Ideal for coffee, tea or a water bottle this tumbler uses real bamboo on its outer design. Its slip resistant base is a nifty little touch too. Buy it here.

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Image credit: Fressko

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