The 30 Best Board Games Of All Time

By Millie Lester
21st Jun 2018



It’s time to crack open the games box because we’re counting down our favourite board games of all time. The ones that started year-long feuds with your siblings, the ones that made trips to your grandparents’ house bearable, and the ones that give you PTSD from the days when your mum forced you to ‘get a board game out’ when some random’s kids came over. You know the ones.

So, here are our favourite board games of all time.

#30. Twilight: The Board Game

No comment.

#29. Blokus

No one knew the rules of this one, we just played it at our friends’ houses when we got sick of all the Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, but placing those strangely shaped blocks into perfectly sized gaps was ~very~ satisfying.

#28. Mouse Trap

You’d play this one twice before you lost a piece and could never play it again.

#27. Stock Market

The best investment seven-year-old you ever made. Until you realised how hard it was.

#26. Catan

Its name shall be Catan! And wheat shall be the thing that comes between you and your brother having a harmonious relationship.

#25. Snakes & Ladders

An oldy but a goody. But a frustrating-y game of chance with very little payout also.

#24. Risk

A strategy board game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest that made politics fun (and not a soul-crushing exercise of age-old entitlement).

#23. Operation

Oh-per-AYE-tion! Playing Grey’s Anatomy on a fat man never felt so satisfying.

#22. Test Match

I don’t like cricket no, oh no. I love Test Match. This was another game we never really knew the rules to but always felt a lot cooler having played it.

#21. Scene It?

More specifically, Harry Potter Scene It. There was no better way to spend a Thursday arvo after school than scoffing Zig Zag Twisties and spotting Hippogriffs.

#20. Pay Day

You’ll never be on a bigger salary than you were watching Swan Princess 2, chugging TV snacks and trotting your little piece across the the calendar board playing Pay Day.

#19. Deal or No Deal

You can stick your offer, Andrew O’Keefe, because we’re doing one more bloody case!!! This little number was an absolute classic on a slow Sunday arvo after Auskick.

#18. Cranium

We only did it for the dough.

#17. Scattergories

 Possibly the fanciest sleepover game going around in the late nineties.

#16. Yahtzee

There’s literally nothing more satisfying in this world than rolling five sixes. Find a more iconic quintet, we’ll wait.

#15. Battleship

Cheating was never more achievable than it was in Battleship.

#14. Sorry!

Sorry! not Sorry! This game involved way too much luck to be intellectually satisfying, although it still felt good to win.

#13. Trouble

The nostalgia factor is high on this one, the only trouble is that that b*tch of a dice clicker is way too addictive.

#12. Boggle

This one was a family favourite, thanks to its compact size and NINE BLOODY DICE. Nothing fuels a family feud quite like planting a nine-letter bomb.

#11. Mastermind

Mastermind’s high up on the list because there’s no feeling quite like smashing your younger cousin at a memory game they can’t understand.

#10. The Game of Life

The game of YASS. There is nothing more heartbreaking than growing up to realise that you don’t get offered three separate jobs two days after you graduate and a week before you plug twin baby girls into your Kia people mover.

#9. Trivial Pursuit

More specifically, Trivial Pursuit Junior, because not knowing the answers to things is NOT fun.

#8. Backgammon

Like chess but less shit.

#7. Scrabble

You’d play it once a year with Gran when your parents went to a third cousin’s wedding, but you’d bloody love it.

#6. Connect4

You’ve probably played more games of Connect4 than you’ve eaten vegetables, and the victory tastes better than any baby corn could.

#5. Balderdash

The only game where being an idiot made you unstoppable.

#4. Pictionary

Hot tip: you’re much better at this game over four hot Milos and half a loaf of fairy bread. If a sleepover night was ever fizzling, this was a surefire way of reviving it.

#3. Monopoly

Was it worth excommunicating your six best friends? Yes. We all have to make sacrifices. Putting a hotel on Pall Mall was one of them.

#2. Twister

Like a good bottle of Passion Pop Berry, this one gets better with age. Even if your joints don’t.

#1. Cluedo

Who dunnit? I don’t bloody care, just let me play another round before I break this candlestick over my knee and storm out of the ballroom.

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Image credit: Griffin Simm

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