13 Of The Best Money Podcasts To Get Your Finances Sorted In 2024

By Morgan Reardon
2nd Feb 2024

Whether you’re saving for your first home or just want to get better at budgeting (hey, it’s better late than never), then you’re going to want to listen up—literally—because we’ve uncovered some of the best damn money podcasts on the airwaves. Consider them your free, virtual financial planners.

Clear your schedule and plug yourself into our round-up of finance podcasts that will level up your money sitch immediately. 

Finance Podcasts For Beginners

The Australian Finance Podcast

Want to actually buy a home this year? Or finally understand what bluechip stocks really are? Then The Australian Finance Podcast hosts Owen Rask and Kate Campbell are your new best mates giving you a crash course on all the money issues you want to know more about. From offering their tips and tricks to deep diving on trending finance topics, there isn’t a money drama this duo can’t solve. Listen to it here

My Millennial Money

Mates and financial gurus Glen James and John Pidgeon take a light-hearted look at money issues for millennials and Gen Z. Their conversational style episodes include how to cover off an investment portfolio, EFTs, what the latest federal budget means for you and how you can really buy a property in one of the capital cities. If you have a money gripe—these guys are your go-tos. Listen to it here

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

For a simple, straight-to-the-point podcast that will get your entire personal financial situation sorted, YNAB should be your next listen. As you reflect on your totally extra $30 breakfast this morning, the episodes “College students: Stop Spending Your Future Self’s Money” and “Sometimes It’s Good To Feel Poor” may be just what you (and your bank account) need. Listen to it here

Money Girl

For many of us, we’re kind of just starting out in this big, scary world of how-to adult. Money Girl is the ultimate podcast for anyone freaked out by tax, insurance, paying off your student loan, credit and retirement (the stuff a lot of us know but don’t really know, you know?). These short, snackable eps range from 15 to 30 minutes, so they’re the perfect quick finance advice to listen to on your morning commute or while whipping up your brekky. Listen to it here

Finance Tips And Tricks Podcasts

Let’s Talk Bitcoin

You’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard about cryptocurrency. FYI: cryptocurrency is digital currency that’s designed to be anonymous and secure, and bitcoins are a type of digital currency that currently has a booming exchange rate, making them super valuable and super important in the current and future economy. This podcast goes into detail about the what, the why and the how of cryptocurrency, including mining (no machinery needed), investing and exchanges. Listen to it here

The Tim Ferris Show

Every podcast on The Tim Ferris Show breaks down what super successful business people do in their day-to-day life, how they got there and the tips and tricks that work for them. We’re talking people like Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Foxx, AKA the real deals. Each episode doesn’t necessarily teach you about money, rather it shows you how things like meditation, creativity, tips ‘n’ tricks, and trends eventually lead to success in business, (and hopefully those big cash dollars). Listen to it here

Side Hustle Nation

Now this is for anyone keen to (finally) start their own business and make some coin. Side Hustle Nation provides tips and strategies derived from successful business owners and entrepreneurs that can totally help you and your current (or future) business. The podcast covers everything from Instagram marketing, common website mistakes, and even what to do if your business venture fails. Listen to it here

Financial News Podcasts

The Money Cafe

Less tips and hacks, more giving you the latest in financial news so you can stay up to date at the office watercooler, finance journalists James Kirby and Alan Kohler discuss the biggest news in business, finance, and economics, and what it means for investors. Recent episodes cover the world of NFTs and the crazy property market. Listen to it here

Shares For Beginners 

In each episode, host Phil Muscatello goes deep on the investment topics everyone is talking about but perhaps we don’t all really understand. Muscatello goes straight to the top, interviewing industry experts like Nathan Halliday from crypto exchange company Zipmex and Mark Monfort, founder of New Era Analytics to get the best possible intel for listeners to help them make smart, informed decisions when it comes to starting their own investment journey. Listen to it here

Finance Podcasts For Women

She’s On The Money

Millennial money expert Victoria Devine shares her foolproof tips for financial freedom. As well as exploring investment, property and personal insurance tips and hacks (in easy to understand lingo), one of our favourite parts of the show is her monthly ‘Money Diary’ episode where listeners with varied jobs and backgrounds reveal how they make and spend their money. Listen to it here.

Martinis And Your Money

The fact that the host of this podcast, Shannon McLay, sips on a martini every single show while discussing finance and money totally has us hooked. Martinis and Your Money explores all things to do with personal finance—so if you’re struggling to save, or just straight up don’t understand a lot of money stuff, this podcast is the answer to all those problems. Listen to it here

Finance Podcasts For Aspiring Property-Owners

The Property Couch

Hosted by Australian property experts Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley, The Property Couch gives you information to help you get your property portfolio off the ground with everything you need to know about making the right property investments. Each week they explore topical ideas from how to structure your loan, your investing mindset and finding the right property investment strategy to tips for bidding at an auction. Listen to it here

Equity Mates

If you’re looking to invest then look no further than the blokes at Equity Mates. Mates Bryce and Alec are here to break down the barriers to investing. Covering everything from the ins and outs of the ASX to taxation on investments and much more in an easy and understandable way, consider them your clued up money mates. Have a listen here

For more advice on what to do with your cash, and even your career, head to our Careers & Money section.

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