Travel Like A Pro With These 10 Travel Accessories

By Urban List Writers

Between finding (and remembering) your passport, crossing your fingers that your luggage isn't too heavy and attempting to sleep a wink on the plane, there's no denying that travel can be a hectic time.

To keep things comfortable, organised and Insta-worthy, we've found 10 epic travel accessories you can shop on Amazon to level up your next adventure.

Philips 3000 Series Handheld Garment Steamer

Price: $79.95

If you’ve ever tried the old steamy shower trick to get wrinkles out of your ‘fits while on the road you’ll know… it simply doesn’t work. Instead, chuck this travel-sized steamer in your luggage and you’ll be looking like a million bucks straight outta the hotel. Shop it here.

Shacke Pak Four-Set Packing Cubes

Price: $47.86

The hype around packing cubes for travel is real and well-deserved—these handy cubes make squeezing more into your suitcase a breeze, and cut out any desperate efforts to zip things up at the end of your trip. Shop it here.

Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Price: $88.30

Put down the weird, scratchy mask the airline gives you and take your mid-flight sleep to the next level with this luxe silk mask that’ll have you waking up fresh-faced at your destination. Shop it here.

Brarios Refillable Portable Mini Perfume Atomizer

Price: $13.99

Feel naked without your signature scent but don’t want to travel with the whole bottle? These mini-sized travel atomizers can be loaded up with your go-to fragrance, ready to use on the go. Shop it here.

QUMOX High Precision Digital Travel Scale

Price: $20.99

So long, surprise luggage fees—only rookie travellers get caught over the limit, so check before you check in with this easy-to-use luggage scale that weighs your bag. Shop it here.

Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol

Price: $50.92

Freshen up mid-flight with this uplifting spray. It smells great thanks to the rose, bergamot and chamomile, and revives dry skin in dehydrating environments (read: aeroplane cabins and airports). Shop it here.


Price: $37.77

Always book the window seat? Keep your tray table and seat-back pockets clutter-free with this game-changing, collapsible window insert that can hold your drinks, tech, hand sani and all the bits and bobs you reach for on long-haul flights. Shop it here.

ProCase Universal Electronics Accessories Bag

Price: $15.99

Say goodbye to a tangled labyrinth of cords and cables with this travel case that will keep all your tech gear tidy and together. It’s lightweight and compact enough to go in your carry-on, so you’ll never run out of juice on a hectic layover again. Shop it here.

Humangear GoToob+ Three-Pack

Price: $43.75

Stocking up on travel-size bottles of your products can get expensive, not to mention wasteful, so these refillable, squeezable bottles are a must-have for any regular traveller. They’re leak-proof and super easy to fill, and work for carry-on or checked luggage. Shop it here.

Moleskine Journey Pouch

Price: $33.94

Ever returned home from a trip only to wonder where you stashed your house keys among the chaos that is your luggage? Never have that heart-attack moment again with these bright hard-shell cases that are perfect for stashing precious things. Shop it here.

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Image credit: Bev Ledge, Amazon

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