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Easy Ways To Rally Your Crew Into A Hit Of Tennis

By Renée Ardon-Coppinger

Two men chest pumping on a tennis court.

There’s no doubt we’re a nation of tennis addicts in Australia, and for good reason. Whether you have the Australian Open on in the background right throughout January or you whip your mates around the court in a friendly post-work game, tennis always manages to get your heart racing in the best possible way—and with a myriad of massive health benefits such as improving digestion, metabolic function and stimulating greater aerobic capacity as well as an array of social benefits, why wouldn’t you get out on the courts for a hit? 

Tennis Australia’s new court booking initiative has made it easier than ever to book a spot at your local any time of day or night at the click of a button via their easy-to-navigate site All you need to do is type in your local postcode, and your nearest tennis courts will not only appear within the radius of your choosing but will also show you the times available so you can book within minutes—it's that easy. 

So, to help you on your way to becoming the new Barty or Federer, we’ve put together some easy ways to rally your crew into a hit of tennis so that everyone can join in.

Get Competitive With A Round Robin Tournament 

There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get your whole gang involved, so why not throw the idea into the group chat, draw up a play table and maybe throw in a little prize to sweeten the deal? You could carry it out over an epic weekend, or spread out the fixtures across a couple of months to build the suspense even further.

Set A Weekly Housemate Tennis Date

As the work year kicks back into full swing, it often becomes difficult to spend that quality time with those you live with, so setting a standing date every week to play at your local courts can ensure that you’re getting that one-on-one time to hear all the juicy gossip about what’s been unfolding. Best part? You’re getting your cardio in all at the same time.

Swap The Pub For A Hit And Give Your Mates A Serve 

Sure, it’s tempting to want to just slump after a big week, but instead of heading to the bar for beers and brews that will most likely leave you feeling groggy the next day, how about you and your team find the local court, have your gear packed ready to go, and have some fun letting off some steam with a few games. Your head and liver will thank you when Saturday morning arrives too. 

Organise That Long Overdue Catch Up At The Nets

Many of the endless tennis clubs are home to some super sweet little retro bars where you can pick up a house wine and maybe even a few snacks if you’re lucky, so why not make an arvo of it, get that pal you’ve been playing pen pals with over the Christmas break to the club and sip a well-deserved post game vino as the sun sets. Glorious.

Challenge Your Partner To A Winner Takes All Game

Hate hanging out the washing? Can’t stand having to watch endless hours of cricket every day of Summer? Both pick something you’d like your partner to do/not do/turn off and whoever wins gets their wish granted for the day. Perhaps the loser takes the winner out to their fave restaurant that night, or the winner gets to sleep in while the loser takes the pooch out for their early morning walk for a few days. Whatever the outcome, you’ll get to keep each other fit whilst spending some quality time away from Netflix and the couch.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, lover, siblings, neighbours or colleagues and hire a court on Tennis Australia's website

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