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How To Embark On An Overseas Adventure Without Leaving The Country

By Millie Lester – Millie hails from the island state of Tasmania where her obsession with delicious foods began. She enjoys writing, but more importantly can play table tennis with both hands and has never lost a game of Cluedo in her life. Her greatest achievement to date was making eye contact with Roger Federer at the 2007 Australian Open.

International travel remains the tantalising enigma all of us want, but none of us can have (except to visit our beautiful New Zealand neighbours). And so, with direct access to beloved overseas destinations off the cards for a while longer, you’d think we’d be lacking the flavours, richness and culture that comes with globe-wide galivanting. But that’s just not the case—not when it’s all right here on our doorstep (and in our bottle).

Brown Brothers Origins Series is wanderlust in a glass. Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean landscapes and warm summer days, one sip will have you transported back to romantic evenings along the French Riviera, sun-soaked afternoons in Spain, and alfresco afternoons in Argentina.

But if it’s a more full-bodied experience you’re after, here’s how you can pair the Brown Brothers Origins Series with local adventures to recreate an overseas holiday without leaving the country (or even leaving your house).

Host A Holiday At Home

A Spanish Fiesta

Why leave the house for a dose of delicious culture when you could host a fiesta in your own home! Get the gang together for a night of flavoursome fun, complete with patatas bravas, paella and churros. Then, set all those delicious dishes to the soundtrack of vivacious flamenco music. The only thing left to do is pair the evening with a drop that captures the vibrancy, passion and energy of Spain, so you’d be a fool not to choose a Brown Brothers Origins Series Tempranillo.

A French Alfresco Soiree

Feeling a little fancy but frustrated you can’t get to France? C’est la vie, mon ami. Fortunately, you can recreate your own little slice of the French Riviera at home with your mates. All you need is a patch of lawn outside, a picnic rug, several wheels of camembert, a fresh baguette, some artisan ham, a selection of fresh seasonal fruit and some sweet macarons. Coupled with a luscious Brown Brothers Origins Series Dry Rosé and you’ll have nailed a warm, lazy day beneath the glorious Mediterranean sun.

An Argentinian Barbecue

If you and your meat-eater friends are looking for an excuse to host a feast with a healthy side of culture, look no further than an Argentine Asado. This traditional barbecue event is a smorgasbord of smoky meats, fresh salads and folklore tunes. Simply nominate someone to take on the head chef role, and throw some chorizo sausage, pork tenderloin and steak on the grill. Fuse those smoky flavours with a medium-bodied Brown Brothers Origins Series Malbec, brimming with vibrant aromas of violets and flavours of blackberries and spice, and you’ll be transported 12,000 kilometres away.

Take Your Tastebuds On Tour


If it’s a taste of Spain you’re after, look no further than Alegrias Spanish Tapas in Sydney. Expect the full force of traditional flavours with every bite of their Ibérico ham croquettes and every minute of their live flamenco performances on Saturday nights. Don’t forget to pair the evening with a glass of smooth, fruit-driven Tempranillo.


There’s also a hell of a lot to love about a vibrant evening of meaty Argentinian flavours, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from the El Asador Argentinian Grill in Perth. This family-run restaurant serves up homestyle Latin dishes from its charcoal and wood parilla in the heart of the restaurant. We’re talking grass-fed steak, free-range chicken, lamb ribs, pork and richly spiced chorizo sausages, all boasting that beloved smoky flavour. It’d be a crime not to wash every barbecued bite down with a few sips of a medium-bodied Malbec.


If it’s an evening reminiscent of romantic late-night dining bathed in the light of la lune, then it’s authentic French fare from Philippe on the Paris end of Collins Street in Melbourne that will get you there. Get your fill of quail with foie gras parfait and chicken breast rotisserie, plus one-bit indulgences from the dedicated oyster station. All washed down with a glass of refreshing and bright Rosé

Whether you’re taking your tastebuds on tour or hosting a holiday-themed night in, complete your cultural kick with a sip of Brown Brothers Origins Series wines. No matter what’s on your agenda, be sure to stock up, plan ahead and order online here.

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