5 Ways To Upskill And Smash Your Career Goals In 2022

By Jess Willemse – Jess is a Writer and Producer at Urban List.

'New year, new me' season has come and gone and right now is the time that counts. It's where making good on habits, and a rock-solid plan gets you through. 

When it comes to setting (and smashing) your career goals, it's easy to feel like you don't even know where to start. Between OKRs and KPIs and SMART goals, there are endless acronyms, and the reality is—do any of these actually matter for you and your growth? 

If you're going to get around one acronym, jump on board the age-old KISS train (okay, this isn't as romantic as it sounds) and keep things simple. So, we've teamed up with online education experts LEARNT to dive into five straightforward ways you can define the ladder (or heck, even build your own) when it comes to your work life in 2022.   

Make It About Life Goals

2021 was the year of The Great Resignation. While experts see this trend slowing down in 2022, the meaning behind the movement is still mega relevant. Simply put, the stuff that matters to people has changed. So what does this look like for you? 

Working backwards from the life you want will help you set sustainable career goals—and the small steps to get there. After all, job title clout and salary growth can only be so motivating. But if these things create space for you to live a life with purpose, then your goals will actually stick. Maybe you want to be living that digital nomad life? So craft a career (and life) plan to get you working remotely. Take back a bit of the power and make sure your job works for you, too, not just the other way around. 

Grow Your Community 

It's no surprise on-the-job learning has been on the slide in the last few years. As companies figure out how to transition teams to remote or hybrid working (let alone learning environments), workplace learning has declined a hefty 59 per cent—ouch. 

This might not be obvious between HR's Zoom wellness sessions and the exec's weekly AMAs. But when you think about it, the lack of in-person desk banter means we're missing out on the ad hoc, informal type of learning. If your sense of community is lacking at work, think about other ways to score some human connection. This might be going all-in on your hobby by joining a club or booking in a conference to meet like-minded people. 

Get Into That Student Mindset 

Something you'll never regret is investing in your education. Luckily, this no longer needs to shave years off your career. Thanks to experts sharing their knowledge on the interwebs, you can skill up in nearly anything from the comfort of your own track pants—yes, please. Want to level up your side hustle into a full-time gig? There's a course for that. Keen to master the art of interior design? You guessed it—the internet has you covered. For us, LEARNT is where it's at—their courses span everything from biz basics to design and architecture. Get clued up on how to start smashing your career goals here—or subtly flick the link on to your boss. Kind regards, your best employee. 

Make It Your Job To Upskill (Like, Actually)

Whether you're a freelancer, own a small biz or work for a big boss, it's easy to feel that the to-do list is never-ending. And right at the bottom? Upskilling. To actually tick off your goals, you're going to need to make the small steps non-negotiable. 

If you're self-employed, that might mean blocking out the first Monday of every month to work on just you. Or, join a community co-working space and commit to showing up to events. For those in a nine-to-five, it's about getting your manager on board with your plan. Agree on how much time you can dedicate to learning and what sort of support they can offer you (financial or other). Pro-tip: lock in your plan as part of your performance and salary review, because we don't work for free around here, honey. 

Try Your Hand At Mentoring

Whether you're just starting out, or have done a few laps around the sun, mentoring is one of the most rewarding things we get to do. And despite what you might think, this experience is not reserved for those at the top of the ladder. Reverse mentoring is all about challenging the status quo, creating a platform for younger employees to offer advice and ideas to those at the top. 

So why does it work? It helps those new to the game grow confidence in sharing their skills and opinions, as well as get the rare chance to bank some leadership experience. Whether it's at the office or in your community, scout out the chance to add reverse mentorship to your career agenda. Can't find the opportunity? Then be the one to make it happen at your company or club. Go on, you've got this. 

Whether you're working a nine to five, living the gig life or taking a leap into your own venture—LEARNT is the secret to kicking goals in 2022. Their expert courses can get you up to speed on all things business, design, tourism, leadership, fitness and much, much more.  

Editor's note: This article is sponsored by LEARNT and proudly endorsed by Urban List. To find out more about who we work with and why read our editorial policy here.

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