Keep Yourself And Your Conscience Clean, Here’s Why You Should Make The Switch To Castile Soap

By Rick Stephens
8th Oct 2020

A person washing themselves under a waterfall.

You’ve probably heard the words ‘Castile soap’ thrown around before, and you’re most likely vaguely aware that it’s better for you, or the environment, or both, right? Right. The stuff is best described as an eco-friendly super-soap for more reasons than one—here’s why you should be adding a little Castile soap to your life.

It’s Vegan 

You’ll find a lot of standard soaps on the shelves will have lard, tallow or other ambiguously titled ingredients in them. If it’s not a chemical, it’s likely an animal fat, which is no good for anyone involved. Castile soap is 100% vegan and instead uses the likes of organic coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil—all ingredients that are far more sustainable than what’s in usual soap products, and you’ll also be reducing the need for animal byproducts by using it.

It’s Good For You

You and your skin will reap a long list of benefits when you scrub down with Castile soap. The stuff is non-toxic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and it also serves as an antioxidant, meaning it’ll moisturise even the driest of skin types.  

Castile soaps can differ slightly with exact ingredients, but those which contain hemp and jojoba oils will literally mirror the oil your skin makes, leaving it smooth to the touch and protected from the rigours of daily life.

It’s Versatile 

‘Soap’ is used in many different applications, however, most are relatively exclusive to how and what you can use it on, often because of certain chemical and ingredients. Because Castile soap is all-natural, you can almost use it however you want; it’s great as a body wash and for your hair, some use it to wash pets and you can even wash dishes with the stuff.

For the more adventurous, Castile soap will even clean your teeth. Because of its antibacterial properties, you can also use Castile soap to clean minor wounds, though we’d recommend keeping a few blocks or bottles of the stuff around the house if you’re planning on using it in more ways than one. 

It’s Good For The Planet

Most Castile soap is made without synthetic preservatives, foaming agents or chemicals that would usually go down the drain and into our oceans. Considering Castile soap is an eco-friendly product, most producers make an effort to package their soaps in biodegradable wraps or vessel too.

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Image credit: Seth Doyle

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