How To Perfect Your Dinner Party, According To Linda Marigliano

By Sophie Oddo
20th Apr 2021

Dinner parties are great for a multitude of reasons—food is abundant, drinks are savoured and the company is quality (just to name a few). 

Luckily for us, Smirnoff Seltzer has come to the party again, teaming up with some of the hottest homegrown acts right now, to share their personal guides to switching up the ordinary this autumn. At home or out and about, take inspiration right here. So, tune in while we sit down with Australian radio announcer and musician, Linda Marigliano to dissect her perfect dinner party, thanks to Smirnoff Seltzer.

What do you love most about dinner parties?    

Best friends with big appetites, extra desserts and ridiculous dancing while doing the dishes.

How do you get in the mood?    

I love to light a candle, chuck on some Jeremih and slide around in my socks pre-snacking before the guests arrive.

What’s on the menu—talk us through the courses?    

I'm a sucker for anything eggplant and there's a classic, very simple, Italian eggplant tomato garlic combination that is one of my favourite side dishes to any Italo meal.  

What’s your go-to dinner party playlist to keep the vibes high?     

It's case by case, baby! We want feel-good hits that inspire singalongs but also an amount of laid back so they aren't too distracting from the lol anecdotes happening. Cool electronic, RnB, hip hop, classic pop, or later crank it up with a DJ set plucked from NTS radio innit! 

What's your #1 karaoke song your friends will definitely hear you belting out?    

I'll belt out basically any Drake hits, then when it gets a little later and it's time to get sentimental, here comes 'Marvin's Room', watch out! 

What's your dinner-party style inspo?    

Flowers around the house and endless food leaving me laying in a food coma on the couch afterwards. 

What’s on the drinks menu?    

Sparkling water and liquorice tea and Smirnoff Seltzer Mango! 

Let's talk dinner etiquette. What manners do you need to bring and need to check?    

Never turn up to a dinner party empty-handed and always offer to help clean up. And know when it's time to leave! 

Who would be on your dream dinner party invite list? 

Goldie Hawn—she will be the absolute life of the party! Don't care about anyone else. 

If you could describe your ultimate dinner party in three words, what would they be?    

Food equals life! 

Whether you're cosying in for a movie night or indulging in a delicious dinner party, Smirnoff Seltzer is the perfect drink choice for any occasion.

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