8 Handy Dog Travel Products To Shop On Amazon Before Your Next Trip

By Urban List Writers
21st Sep 2022

If you’re planning a day trip, weekend getaway, or longer vacay and can’t bear the thought of leaving your pup at home (or, shudder, with someone else), here are eight must-have dog travel products that will make your journey a little bit easier.

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Price: $41.42

Getting your dog back into the car after a long day of exploring can be a challenge as it is… let alone the nightmare of muddy paw prints covering every surface. This handy paw cleaner comes in three sizes and is easy to clean out once you’re home. Shop it here.

Healthy Solutions Calming Chews

Price: $43.68

These vet-formulated chews include melatonin, chamomile, passion flower, thiamine, L-Tryptophan, and ginger to aid in travel and separation anxiety, help soothe sensitive stomachs, and reduce your dog’s tension in stressful situations, all of which can come in handy when you’re on the road. Shop it here.

Doggly Travel Water And Food Bowl

Price: $25.95

Keep your dog fed and watered on the go with this handy all-in-one water and food canister and bowl. Everything screws together neatly, and the slimline design makes it perfect to pack for a hike or beach day. Shop it here.

TagVault Pet Waterproof AirTag Collar Mount

Price: $62.96

If your pup gets a little frantic in unfamiliar situations, attaching an AirTag means you’ll be able to find them faster should they decide to do a little exploring of their own. This waterproof mount screws on, so it’s super secure, and lays flat so it won’t annoy your dog. Shop it here. 

KingCamp Portable Raised Dog Bed

Price: $134.75

If you have a comfy folding camping chair, it’s only fair your pup does as well. This raised bed is perfect for camping or beach trips, and allows air flow to keep your dog cool and comfy. Shop it here.

Kurgo Dog Food Travel Bag

Price: $28.22

Ideal for a slightly longer getaway, this food carrier keeps up to five pounds of your pup’s food fresh, and keeps out pests and unwanted moisture, while the extra pockets are great for sneaky treats. Shop it here.

Zenify Extra Large Collapsible Dog Bowl

Price: $8.95

We need our emotional security water bottles, and our dogs do too. These collapsible bowls are a sturdy silicone, lightweight, and hold up to a litre for your pup to rehydrate after a long day of travel. Shop it here.

Modoker Dog Travel Bag

Price: $107.52

Perfect for a weekender with your four-legged friend, this bag neatly carries everything you could need, and comes with food carriers, collapsible bowls and a water-resistant mat, with lots of pockets and compartments for more treats and toys. Shop it here.

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