Scrub Up With 9 Of The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

By Anna Franklyn
13th Apr 2020

Flat lay of an amber bottle with ingredients to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products

Whether you’re a long-time germophobe or you take a more, let’s say natural, approach to your house cleaning regime, it’s high time we all started thinking about investing in some more eco-friendly cleaning products.

We’re probably all cleaning a bit more than usual, what with the extra time spent at home and the added satisfaction of wiping away any traces of that sneaky ol’ Coronavirus that might be hanging around, so it can end up having a pretty big impact on the environment.

From the chemicals in the products to the packaging they come in, traditional cleaners can get into our waterways and impact air quality, so here are all our favourite eco-friendly cleaning products to keep you and the environment happy and healthy.

EcoCoconut Dish Brush

Price: $7

Let us just preface this by saying that if you have a plastic dish brush at home that does the job, keep using it. You’re not doing the environment or your bank account any favours by throwing out perfectly good cleaning products. But, the next time you find yourself in need of a new one, the EcoCoconut dish brush is the way to go. All EcoCoconut products are made with Forest Stewardship Council certified recycled rubber trees which are grown in a plantation and replanted at the end of their life with the wood used to create the handle of their brushes. The bristles come from sustainably farmed coconut husks which are naturally antimicrobial, so this thing will last you years and years without getting slimy. For $7, it’s a no brainer when it comes to eco-friendly cleaning products.

White Magic Eco Cloths

Price: $7.95

If you’re using disposable wipes to clean your benchtop, it’s time to stop. All you need is a few good quality cleaning cloths that you can throw in the washing machine when they’re looking a bit grubby. We’re into this White Magic Eco Cloth for the kitchen because all you need to do is add water and wipe. It’s made from natural charcoal yarn which is naturally antibacterial and you can use it for years with water or an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner for a deeper clean. If you’re starting from scratch, they’ve also got a multi-pack with cloths for glass and windows, dusting and polishing and general purpose.

Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap

Price: $27.95

If we had a dollar for every time we recommended Dr Bronner’s pure castile soap to our friends, we’d be living it large on our own private island right now. This stuff can be used for anything and everything, from shampoo to floor cleaner and everything in between. You can even use it to clean your teeth! Throw it in a spray bottle with some water and you’ve got an all-purpose cleaner. Add some soda water or vinegar and you have glass cleaner. Pour some into your washing machine and you’ve got laundry detergent. You get the picture. We like to buy ours in the biggest size to save on packaging, but it lasts forever so make sure you get a scent you like.

Kin Kin Dishwasher Powder

Price: $13

If you’re running your dishwasher nightly (guilty), you might want to make sure you’re using a detergent that isn’t wreaking havoc on the environment. Enter Kin Kin’s lemon myrtle dishwasher powder. The Australian company uses coconut and sugar based surfactants so they don’t have to resort to alcohol ethoxylate which can be pretty harmful on soil and aquatic creatures, plus it’s leaves no harmful residue on your dishes and you can buy refill packs in paper bags to save on packaging.  

Retro Kitchen Make Your Own All Natural Cleaning Kit

Price: $49.95

If you really want to take your cleaning regime next level eco, pick up this all natural cleaning kit from Retro Kitchen and get mixing. The kit comes with two amber glass spray bottles—the amber is important if you’re using essential oils to make sure sunlight doesn’t degrade them—three different essential oils (pink grapefruit, eucalyptus and lemon), castile soap and labels. Instructions are included along with loads of natural cleaning tips, so your home will be spick and span in no time.

EcoStore Liquid Scourer

Price: $9.95

You don’t have to give up the strong stuff just because you’re turning to eco-friendly cleaning products. This EcoStore liquid scourer feels abrasive but is totally scratch free so it’s perfect on just about any benchtop when you’ve got stains and build up. It’s also made from plants and minerals, and the packaging is made from renewable sugarcane plastic which is completely recyclable. Win.

Lil Bit Better Ground Coconut Laundry Powder

Price: $20

You might not think much about the laundry detergent you’re using, but that stuff ends up all over your skin, so it pays to use something eco-friendly whether you have sensitive skin or you just want to save the planet. This coconut laundry powder is made from sustainably sourced coconuts and lye and it can be poured straight into the washing machine, none of this dissolving before use nonsense. It comes in an eco-friendly ziplock bag which is home compostable and a cute reusable calico bag.

Stainless Steel Pegs

Price: $38.95

We’ll admit it, these stainless steel pegs might not technically fall into the cleaning products category, but we love them and we think you might too. As always, if you have plastic pegs that are doing the job, keep using them, but next time you need new ones, opt for stainless steel. They never ever break and as long as you opt for marine grade steel, they won’t rust either.

The Australian Natural Soap Company Dog Shampoo

Price: $8.95

When your furry little friend is starting to smell fresh, this dog shampoo will fix them right up. Made with coconut and castor oil to keep them soft and shiny as well as ingredients like eucalyptus and lavender to repel insects and clean them right up, they’ll be squeaky clean in no time. This one is cruelty free, palm oil free, sulphate free and paraben free, so they’ll love it as much as you do.

Just want to make magic with vinegar and bi-carb soda? Here are a bunch of eco-friendly cleaning hacks using not much more.

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