Scrub Up With 15 Of The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

By Chloe Sputore
22nd Feb 2021

Flat lay of an amber bottle with ingredients to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products

While cleaning isn’t everyone’s favourite task, it’s a necessary part of life, especially these days. By now we’re probably all aware that the traditional cleaning industry ain’t too great on the environment.

Thankfully, a whole bunch of clever people have worked out a cleaner solution for pretty much every cleaning product your home could ever need. Some products are so innovative you might even find yourself excited to roll up your sleeves the next time your home needs some TLC. Here are 15 of the best eco-friendly cleaning products to help tidy up your act.

Dr Bronners 18 In 1 Pure Castile Liquid Soap

Price: $32.95

The holy grail of the eco-friendly home, Dr Bronners Pure Castile Liquid Soap is all you really need to clean your house from top to bottom. Throw it in a spray bottle with some water and you’ve got an all-purpose cleaner. Add some soda water or vinegar and you have glass cleaner. Pour some into your washing machine and you’ve got laundry detergent. Buy it here.

Gentle Mumma Dishwashing Tablets

Price: $30 (30 Pack)

Harnessing the power of bicarb soda and citric acid, these kindly dishwashing tablets work a treat. There’s no chlorine or ammonia present making them septic tank and grey water safe. Handmade in Australia, they’re also vegan and palm oil free and come with a fresh and zesty orange scent. Stock up here

That Red House Organic Soapberries

Price: $26

By now you’re probably wishing soap grew on trees. Well, it actually does, and it turns out it’s all you need to keep your clothes clean and fresh. Throw five soapberries into your washing machine with your dirty laundry and everything will come out fresh as daisies. You can use each bundle of berries up to five times and one 500g bag will last you 180 washes, talk about value. Get yours here

Retro Kitchen Biodegradable Dish Cloth

Price: $5.95

Once you try these biodegradable dish cloths you’ll never go back to the single use kind you’ll find in the big supermarkets. Machine washable and completely biodegradable, you’ll get four to six months of life out of these absorbent cloths until the time comes to throw them in the compost (or bury them in the backyard). Made of cotton and cellulose, they come in a bunch of cute designs that make cleaning a whole lot more fun. Grab yours here

Organic Clean Oven, BBQ And Grill Cleaner

Price: $9.95

With threats of caustic burns to the face and explosions if you forget to turn off the pilot light, one glance at a conventional oven cleaner is enough to turn you off cleaning your hot box for life. Thankfully the eco warriors from Organic Clean have come up with this non-toxic, non-caustic, eucalyptus scented cleaner that’ll turn your oven, grill and BBQ from grease trap to squeaky clean. Shop it here

Go For Zero Stain Remover Stick

Price: $15.95 (Four Pack)

There’s no better way to clean up your environmental footprint than switching to package free alternatives, like this palm oil and toxin free stain remover stick. Powered with D-Limonene and scented with eucalyptus, all you have to do is wet the stick and rub it over the stain (the sooner the better) and then wash as you normally would. You can also use it as a pre-wash on stubborn areas like collars. Get a pack here

EcoCoconut Dish Brush

Price: $7

The next time you find yourself in need of a new dish scrubber, the EcoCoconut dish brush is the way to go. All EcoCoconut products are made with Forest Stewardship Council certified recycled rubber trees which are grown in a plantation and replanted at the end of their life with the wood used to create the handle of their brushes. The bristles come from sustainably farmed coconut husks which are naturally antimicrobial, so this thing will last you years and years without getting slimy. Buy one here.

White Magic Eco Cloths

Price: $7.95

We’re into this White Magic Eco Cloth for the kitchen because all you need to do is add water and wipe. It’s made from natural charcoal yarn which is naturally antibacterial and you can use it for years with water or an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner for a deeper clean. If you’re starting from scratch, they’ve also got a multi-pack with cloths for glass and windows, dusting and polishing and general purpose, grab them here

EcoStore Liquid Scourer

Price: $9.95

You don’t have to give up the strong stuff just because you’re turning to eco-friendly cleaning products. This EcoStore liquid scourer feels abrasive but is totally scratch free so it’s perfect on just about any benchtop when you’ve got stains and build up. It’s also made from plants and minerals, while the packaging is made from renewable sugarcane plastic which is completely recyclable. Try it here.

No Nasties Zero Waste Dish Bar

Price: $13.95

It’s always felt a little strange to us to wash our dishes in soap that resembles green slime, so when we came across this package free dish soap we were suitably impressed. Whack it on a nice soap dish, rub your wet dish brush or biodegradable sponge on there and then scrub away. The spearmint and peppermint scent is particularly refreshing. Join the revolution here

Seed & Sprout Compost Bin Liners

Price: $7

Making the switch to home composting can be a little daunting, and if we’re being honest, icky. These home compostable bin liners take the grossness out of this incredibly environmentally-friendly action so you can adapt to your new way of life with ease. Grab a roll here.

That Red House Wool Dryer Balls

Price: $34.95 (6 Pack)

While we know drying things in the sun is the best option for the environment, sometimes that’s just not possible depending on the weather or your living arrangements. These dryer balls cut down on drying time significantly, reducing your power bill and in turn the cost to the planet. As a bonus, they act as a fabric softener, as well as reduce wrinkles and static. Did we mention they last a lifetime? You’ll find them here.

Lil' Bit Toilet Cleaning Tablets

Price: $11.95 (20 Pack)

Handmade in Australia, these toilet cleaning tabs are non-toxic and made with the naturally occurring antibacterial essential oils from the rosalina plant. Pop one of these fizzy tabs in the toilet, wait for it to dissolve and then grab your (preferably eco-friendly) toilet brush to give the bowl a good old scrub. Grab a pack here.

Bondi Wash Yoga Mat Spray

Price: $24.95

It’s time to clean up your downward dog act with this sweetly-scented yoga mat spray. Tasmanian pepper works to cut back 99.9% of the germs created during your sweat sessions and the lingering lavender scent helps you to relax the next time you hit the mat. There’s also a lemon, tea tree and mandarin variety that is equally as powerful. Grab a bottle here.

Stainless Steel Pegs

Price: $34.95 (50 Pack)

We’ll admit it, these stainless steel pegs might not technically fall into the cleaning products category, but we love them and we think you might too. As always, if you have plastic pegs that are doing the job, keep using them, but next time you need new ones, opt for stainless steel. They won’t break in harsh sunlight and as long as you opt for marine grade steel, they won’t rust either. Stock up here.

Just want to make magic with vinegar and bi-carb soda? Here are a bunch of eco-friendly cleaning hacks using not much more.

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