Meet EveryHuman, The Adaptive Clothing Store Making Fashion More Inclusive

By Anna Franklyn
27th Apr 2021

A girl in a wheelchair looks very happy in her cool new Tommy Hilfiger adaptive threads.

If you’re not in the know about adaptive fashion, it's time to meet EveryHuman. Adaptive fashion is clothing specifically designed or altered for people with a disability or chronic condition—and EveryHuman is the only marketplace in Australia and New Zealand bringing together the best adaptive fashion brands from around the globe, allowing people with disabilities to look and feel their best.

One of their biggest goals is to shift the mindset in the fashion industry to the point that all brands are designing with inclusivity in mind while giving a bigger voice to inclusive fashion. 

While wider-ranging sizes are slowly becoming more prevalent in the fashion world, great designs for people with disabilities are still hard to come by, but hopefully not for much longer, if EveryHuman’s growth is anything to go by.

What started as two t-shirts—their T-shirts for Change—in 2019, EveryHuman has morphed into a huge online shop stocking everything from underwear and face masks to jackets and footwear. 

Shoppers can filter by easy closures, ease of dressing, seated ware, and adaptive footwear to make it even easier to find clothes to suit their needs. 

With brands like Tommy Hilfiger getting on board, we've got high hopes that more mainstream fashion labels will follow suit and consider more inclusive designs in their future.

If you don't personally rely on adaptive fashion but you want to help spread the word, check out the aforementioned T-shirts for Change. With two designs by two different partners, every cent is donated to carefully selected projects which EveryHuman believes will make the world a better place.

The Runway of Dreams tee—apart from being a killer statement tee—will help to make the fashion industry more inclusive and accepting of people with disabilities, and the Fighting Chance tee aims to create a better future for people with disabilities by providing jobs, learning, and social participation opportunities. 

Check out the new sex toy line changing the game for people with disabilities. 

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