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8 Hair Trends To Embrace For Spring And Summer 2021

By Constance Allan
23rd Sep 2021

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In 2021, we were ‘supposed’ to leave behind our ragged and questionable hair choices of 2020. But just when we thought we’d seen the last of our split end and homemade bangs, a couple of lockdowns happened, and well, now we’re here. But with the country opening up and visits to the hairdressers soon to be on the cards for everyone, not just a lucky few states, we asked Jaye Edwards, Founder, Director and Colourist at Edwards & Co (with locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast) his hair trend predictions for spring and summer.

So forget embracing the post-lockdown life with early 2020s hair, because whether you’re looking to test out that ‘blondes have more fun’ theory or you’re thinking of embracing your inner Dakota Johnson, here are the spring and summer hair trends of 2021 you’ll want to be rocking.

Hair Styles For Summer 2021

Curtain Bangs

Effortless, shaggy layers that frame your face perfectly are here to stay. They’re both the perfect gateway to full bangs and a killer standalone look. These soft, feathered bangs create the perfect lived-in, casual vibe, but be warned, they require the same maintenance as any fringe would, including daily styling and regular trims. Top tip: invest in a round brush and a great dry texture spray.

Blunt Cuts 

Blunt cuts are coming back in a big way, offering a stark contrast to more playful, feathered looks with structure and boldness. Regardless of your face shape or hair type, blunt looks, in particular lobs and bobs, are polished, timelessly chic and guaranteed to create an elevated look.

Classic Blow Drys 

Bouncy, polished 90s blowout vibes are having a moment once again. The glamorous alternative to those textured beach waves that have dominated Instagram for the past few years, this flicky look is defined by sky high volume at the root and an unapologeticly “done” vibe. It’s very 90s supermodel (Cindy Crawford anyone?) and we love it.

Hair Colours For Summer 2021

Warm Brondes 

This shade is great for blondes who don’t want constant touch-ups and is perfect for brunettes wanting to lighten things up a little. Defined by its natural and lived-in vibe, this look is effortless and isthe perfect way to add some pop to your natural colour for spring. And it’s low maintenance, which always is a big win—especially in these lockdown-filled times. 

Peachy copper 

Peachy copper tones are a great way to bring vibrancy back to natural coppers, while still maintaining a natural look. It’s also a great way to warm up your blonde tones, ready for the hot months ahead. 

Scandi Blonde 

An Instagram and Tiktok favourite, the Scandi blonde is back in a big way. Scandi blonde is the clean, white and bright blonde that's even more high-maintenance than a scalp bleach. Free from any yellow or ash tones, this look is going to require regular glosses and some quality products for at home maintenance, so make sure you’re prepared if you decide to go for it.

Natural Brunettes 

Deep, rich brunettes are always in style, offering a sophisticated and timeless vibe. The bold, chocolate tones reflect warmly in the sun, so it never looks dull. And if it’s good enough for Bella Hadid, it’s good enough for us.

Sun-Kissed Curls 

Sun-kissed bronde tones seamlessly blended to enhance natural hair colour are the perfect way to make your natural curls pop. The key to styling this look is hydration, so ensure you are investing in quality products for hydrated curls, free from frizz and defined to perfection. 


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