5 Of The Biggest Hair Trends Of 2021 To Get Around

By Ranyhyn Laine
16th Feb 2021

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If there’s anything that THAT Gorilla Glue mishap has proved, it’s that great hair is best left in the hands of experts. After spending most of last year at home, hair piled on top of our heads in a messy bun, we’re ready to sit down in a salon chair and let someone else work their magic on our locks, leaving us with a whole new look to show off in future Zoom calls. 

From mullets, to pink hair and effortless cropped cuts requiring zero-styling effort (something we’ve all embraced after the wrath of iso-lifestyle), Jules Tognini, co-owner of one of Australia’s most iconic and award-winning salons, Togninis, gave us a little insight on the hair trends we’re going to be seeing loads more of in 2021.

Rose All Day 

Rose-gold, peachy pink and rouge tones are bringing all kinds of life and fun back into our lives after a dreary 2020. But before you embrace this colour, Tognini says there’s a few things you should know. Firstly, there’s no need to be afraid of trying out a bright shade of pink—a colour like apricot pink can be gone in 10 washes if you want it to be, so feel free to go wild and try out a new look, even if it’s just for a weekend.  

Of course, if you love it so much you want to keep it as long as possible, most great hairdressers can give you a “takeaway” colour conditioner to maintain at home, one packed with active conditioning ingredients that your hair will love. So really, all that’s left to do is settle on a shade of pink. Tognini has advice for this too—for pale, cooler skin tones, shades ashy, violet or icy blue side work best. For warmer, tanned and darker skin tones, go with a colour that’s more red or orange. But most importantly, it’s all about owning your colour—so you do you. 

Bold Cuts 

A haircut’s as good as a holiday (something most of us missed out on this year) so from blunt bobs to pixie cuts, we’re embracing the shorter look to keep life a little breezier.  But how do you choose a cut best for you? “There are loads of us who don’t think they can wear short hair—whether it’s because they don’t feel they have the right shaped face or time to style it—and this is just not true,” says Tognini. “Whether it’s a fringe to emphasise your eyes, or a short, blunt crop to draw attention to your jaw or neckline, short, bold cuts don’t have to be too drastic or require loads of effort to maintain.” The key? Draw inspiration from looks you love and most importantly, find a great hairdresser who knows how to make the style you want work best with your features and lifestyle.  

The Mullet

Yep, it’s the trend we never saw coming back: freshly chopped mullets that scream business in the front, party in the back. Mullets are making a comeback on all those who don't take themselves too seriously, but what do you need to know before embracing the mullet—and how can you make sure it’s not a repeat of the tragic 80s version? Well first up, you need to change your inspiration—think more Miley Cyrus and Zendaya, less Tiger King. Embrace framed shaping around your face, and a longer length at the back—trust us, it can be glam. It’s also a great style for anyone with damaged hair at the front, or a lot of “baby fuzz.” 

Voluminous, Timeless Curls 

Who didn’t just embrace their curls in lockdown, let’s be honest. Curls are a truly timeless look, from soft beachy waves to full on 'fro—whether they’re short and shaped or bouncy and long, according to Tognini, this year the more curls the better. To really embrace the look, you need to use products that inject loads of moisture into your hair. If you’ve got a natural wave, a non-toxic styling product with the ‘scrunch’ method (you know the one) is all you really need. If you’re heat styling for a more glam look, always use heat protectants to prevent as much damage to your hair as possible. 

Au Naturale 

One lockdown trend we’re not letting go of is lived in, low maintenance cuts, not to mention sustainable products that are better for the environment. Tognini says everyone can have a show stopping cut that’s still low maintenance—it just comes down to having a great haircut, and a hair stylist who can teach you the art of styling your hair without a blow dry. Because as we all know, it’s not about what it looks like in the salon—it’s about what it looks like the week after you’ve left the salon, when you’re running late for work. So when you next see your hairdresser, get them to show you how to style your hair without a blow dry, and maybe even suggest the products to use.

As for the sustainability side of things, there’s plenty of salons out there that now use products that are good for both your hair and the environment. Avoid anything with harsh chemicals like sulphates, parabens and non-natural silicone (ie most of the supermarket shampoos and conditioners). They may make your hair feel smooth on the surface, but they’re actually just a cosmetic coat that destroys your hair in the long term. Look for products that have active ingredients, amino acids and moisturising proteins—some of Tognini’s favourites are Evo and O&M. Excuse us while we go add to cart... 

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