Ditch Your Standard Hand Sanitiser For This Game-Changing Sustainable Soap

By Morgan Reardon
4th Feb 2021

Aside from face masks and toilet paper (we’re still shaking our heads at that one), hand sanitiser was easily one of the most popular purchases in 2020. And while loads of brands got crafty with ways to create a germ-busting, easily transportable product, many were made with harsh chemicals and came packaged in plastic bottles destined for landfill.

We’ve searched high and low for a greener, cleaner alternative and it turns out one of the best on the market is made right here in Australia. Say g’day to Hoap, a natural hand sanitising product, set to revolutionise hand hygiene across the globe. 

Founded in Queensland by three Aussie entrepreneurs and mates, Kevin Painter and brothers Jason and Mark Alpen, Hoap came about as they searched for a product that kept people safe and healthy, without damaging the environment. 

“After the Australian summer bushfires, there was a real push to improve our footprint and to be
more environmentally conscious with our consumption,” says co-founder Painter. “Then, given the understandable concern over health and hygiene during the pandemic, the issue of single-use plastics went out the window.”

“This forced us to think about a way we could be better and do better for our health, the health of our families and the planet.”

So how does it work? Each small, fully biodegradable circular container (which is also uber chic) contains 100 cleanser leaves, which have been scientifically formulated using 100% natural, predominantly plant-based ingredients, which will kill harmful germs and bacteria—and moisturise the skin. So you can say see ya later to dry hands that are left smelling like an old tequila bottle after dousing them in your regular hand sanitiser.

When placed in the palm, users simply rub their hands together with water for a slow dissolve, which takes 20 seconds—the amount of time the World Health Organisation recommends for hand washing. That’s right, it literally dissolves in your hands, no mess, no fuss. Yep, when we said it was a game changer, we meant it. 

Made with aloe leaf, royal jelly, rose flower oil, arnica flower, citric acid and silver ion, it’s a handful of pure goodness. 


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Co-founder Jase Alpen, says he was concerned about the ingredients in some of the hand sanitisers on the market and wanted a product which could help fight the spread of the virus using mostly plant-based ingredients.
“With all of the negative things going on in the world, Kevin and I would always talk about how we could make a stand, and we're passionate about making something that was actually really good for you,” he says.

“Hoap is free of alcohol and toxic chemicals and really does cleanse the skin of dangerous bacteria but is also nourishing and leaves your hands feeling hydrated. We are really proud of this product and we’re ready to give the world some Hoap during this unsettling time in our history.”

Want to get your mitts on some of this good stuff? You can grab a box Hoap for $18 right here

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Image Credit: Hoap

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