8 Easy Ways To Sell Your Old Stuff Online And Make Bank

By Emma Edwards
14th Nov 2021

2021 has given many of us more time at home than ever before, and as it turns out, it's exactly the right amount of bored we need to be to start clearing out our old stuff. If you’ve been on the decluttering bandwagon lately, here’s how to shift your stuff and make bank on online marketplaces.

#1 Go Multi-Platform

Don’t pigeonhole yourself onto one platform. Get more eyeballs on your listings by using more than one site. Get across Depop, Facebook Marketplace, eBay and even local community groups on all social platforms. Different treasure hunters hang out in different places, so don’t be afraid to double dip. Just be careful not to accept bids or purchases on the same item twice! 

#2 Use Keywords In Your Descriptions

Write detailed descriptions using keywords to get more hungry eyeballs to see your listings. Think about what your ideal buyer would be searching for and pepper those terms throughout your descriptions. For example, don’t just say ‘red dress’. Say ‘red off-the-shoulder midi dress size 12’. If it’s an appliance, clearly state the model number in the title and description, along with the brand and any other searchable specifics. For example, don’t say ‘coffee machine’. Say ‘Delonghi Dedica coffee machine 3100D in black’. Then sit back and watch the offers roll in.

#3 State All The Information—Twice!

Unfortunately selling online can mean time spent replying to messages from people who haven’t read your listing properly. To reduce the number of hours you spend stating the flippin’ obvious in DMs, be explicitly clear in your accompanying description, and state the key facts multiple times. Use formatting like bold or capitals to draw attention to the key points, like pick up suburb or any conditions around your sale. Less time wasters, more people throwin’ their cash at you.

#4 Take Detailed Pictures

If it’s clothes, take photos of you or someone you know wearing them—and maybe crop your head out for privacy purposes. Seeing how clothes fit makes your listing instantly more clickable and can reduce the barrier between making your trash someone else’s treasure. If it’s furniture, books, plants or anything else, take pictures from multiple angles in well-lit areas, and clear the space before you shoot. 

#5 Take The Time To Spruce Up Your Items

All too often sites like Facebook Marketplace are littered with photos of crumpled and crinkly clothing that looks like it’s been sitting at the bottom of your wash bin since 2004. Take the time to wash, iron or steam clothing you sell before snapping photos, and give any other items a good clean and polish before listing. The better you present the item, the more likely you are to make a sale.

#6 Update Your Listings Regularly

Buyers are more likely to message you about a listing if it’s been published recently. Often items get left up long after they’ve sold, so your long-standing listings could be assumed unavailable unless you update the listing to confirm it's still up for grabs.

#7 Reply Quickly And Politely

We’ve probably all had a wacky Depop experience that’s scarred us for life, but be the seller you’d want to deal with yourself. Be clear, concise, polite and prompt in your replies to avoid scaring off eligible buyers. 

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Emma is a finance blogger at The Broke Generation and a reformed spendaholic. She shares hot tips on saving, property, tax, career and investing for millennials who want to break the spending cycle and get financially confident.

Image Credit: Urban List

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