Scope These Beautiful LGBQTI+ Murals Popping Up Across Australia

By Morgan Reardon
1st Mar 2021

A colourful mural painted on a brick wall in Melbourne, a bright blue sky behind. The mural features the faces of AJ Clementine, Jeff van de Zandt and Roshan Nausad.

Bring on ALL of the feels, because a seriously special, goosebump-inducing art installation has just dropped on our city streets.

To celebrate Mardi Gras, Instagram has partnered with a whole slew of LGBTQI+ creatives to create five jaw-dropping art installations. 

Popping up from today in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Melbourne, each of the works of art champion the city’s local ‘Rising Heroes’ from the queer community. Honestly pass us the tissues, this is the kind of joy the world needs right now.

Some of the creatives featured include musicians Troye Sivan and Cub Sport, Olympian Michelle Heyman, Indigenous drag performer Felicia Foxx, trans model AJ Clementine, non-binary beauty creator Roshan Nausad and comedian Jeff van de Zand, just to name a few. 

A brightly colourful mural is painted on the side of a building in Sydney feature Felicia Foxx and Nessa Turnbull Roberts

The murals, which were created and installed by a bunch of Australia’s top street artists (like Rory Lynch-Wells and Megan Hales), each feature a quote from the featured creators sharing what they ‘Rise’ for, in line with this year’s Mardi Gras theme.

Even better, on each mural is a QR code that will take viewers to the ‘Safe & Strong 2021’ Safety and Wellbeing Guide for the LGBTQ+ Community on Facebook and Instagram. The guide was launched just last week in partnership with Trans Pride Australia, Black Rainbow, ACON, Twenty10 and Minus18.

“Queer creators on Instagram are a source of inspiration, entertainment, and support for Australians everywhere. We’re proud to honor these local ‘Rising Heroes’ in their home cities and spread the Mardi Gras sparkle across the country,” said Zaac d’Almeida, Strategic Partnership Manager for Instagram Australia.

“Mardi Gras is about visibility and community, and these five murals celebrate the vibrant new generation of LGBTQ+ creators who embody these qualities every day.” 

A close up of the colourful mural in Melbourne, featuring AJ Clementine.

Here’s exactly where you can peep these amazing works and show some love to your local, rising hero.

Sydney | “We Rise for First Nations Visibility and for our Ancestors”
Featuring @iam_deadly_feliciafoxx and @nessaturnbullroberts
Location: Elizabeth Street corner Randle Street, Surry Hills
Artwork by Megan Hales

Melbourne | "We Rise for Representation, Courage and Acceptance”
Featuring @jjzandt, and @ajclementine_
Location: 2 Peel Street, Fitzroy
Artwork by Rory Lynch-Wells

Perth | “I Rise for Community”
Featuring @troyesivan
Location: Charles Street corner Newcastle Street, West Perth
Artwork by Jerome Davenport @ketones6000

Brisbane | "We Rise for Freedom”
Featuring @cubsport
Location: 16 Peel Street, South Brisbane
Artwork by Gus Eagleton

Canberra | “I Rise to Inspire Others to Live as their True Selves”
Featuring @michelleheyman23
Location: 16 Bunda Street, Canberra
Artwork by Megan Hales

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Image Credit: Lucas Dawson and Yead Rad

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