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By Emma Vidgen
30th Jun 2021

When the going gets tough, the tough get cosy—at least that should be your motto this month. There’s no ignoring the frustration in the air—especially in the first week—but with the sun moving through Cancer (until 23 July) staying in and being with people who know us best feels like the best medicine.

Circumstances beyond your control combined with a lack of progress could feel infuriating. This is not the month to soldier on; listen to your body. If you’re feeling tapped out, rest. Being with people who fill your cup and feel like home is essential. Don’t get mad, get comfortable.

Aries And Aries Rising


July is… time to make yourself comfortable
Plan an indulgent staycation

Even Aries need down-time and if ever there was a time to cancel plans and stay in, July is it. Make time at home a priority—slow-cooking, nesting or just curled up with Netflix. If quality time with the fam refills your cup, plan some catch ups (but definitely don’t force it if it tends to get strained).The 12th is a lovely day to get lost in nostalgia. Call your nan and ask about her youth or dig out old photo albums for a trip down memory lane. Once Leo season (23 July) rolls around you’ll be feeling a whole lot more social so enjoy the big chill while it lasts.

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Taurus And Taurus Rising


July is… time to make yourself comfortable
Give yourself a compliment everyday

Brace yourself for a little saltiness the first week (1–8 July) and be prepared to take a step back if things get heated. You do you, and dare yourself to a little self-love challenge. Start a new page in your Notes app and write down one kind thing about yourself every day. Notice what comes up—extra points if you can say it out loud to your reflection. If you’re finding it tricky use the new moon (10 July) to turn over a new leaf and show a little kindness. Come the 23rd, Leo season will turn the focus to home and family, while the full moon (24 July) shines a light on how you juggle work/life balance.

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Gemini And Gemini Rising

21 MAY—20 JUNE

July is… time to make yourself comfortable
Nourish yourself with food that warms the soul

The wider mood could be a little tense so don’t be surprised if there’s some confrontation on the cards, especially that first week of July. Big questions left up in the air last month will resurface for resolution by the 8th. Manage the collective craziness by focussing firmly on nourishing yourself—literally. Treat yourself to a trial on a meal delivery service, or book a couple of sessions with a nutritionist. Cancer season is all about self-care from the inside out. Once Leo season kicks off (23 July) the focus will fall on self-expression—the perfect opportunity to share what you’ve learned.

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Cancer And Cancer Rising


July is… time to make yourself comfortable
Treat yourself to new hair/nails

The landing into July will be dramatic—especially the first week, so doubling down on self-care is a good way to navigate the stress. The good news is, you’re on home turf—at least for the first three weeks. Now is the time to indulge in the things that light you up, whether it’s staying at home, pottering in the kitchen or getting away for a few days. With the sun illuminating the part of your chart connected to your sense of self, the stars are primed to indulge in a little makeover, especially around the new moon (10 July). After the 23rd, Leo season moves the focus to money, so treat yourself while you’re feeling spendy.

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Leo And Leo Rising


July is… time to make yourself comfortable
Refill your cup with time alone

Solitude isn’t usually high on your to-do list, but this month the stars are encouraging you to enjoy a little alone time. July kicks off with a bang as the planets serve up a generous slice of drama in the first week. You could feel equal parts motivated and stifled. As the month progresses, you’ll be torn between getting on with things and going to ground. Meditation is the anchor you didn’t know you needed. After some much-needed time out, the greatness that is Leo season kicks off on the 23rd and you’ll be feeling ready to cut loose. Lucky for you, you’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after that self-imposed chill.

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Virgo And Virgo Rising


July is… time to make yourself comfortable
Plan a spa day with your friends

Whichever way you dice it, June was intense for Virgo people. And while July isn’t all smooth sailing—particularly the first week—there is a lot more clarity on offer. Those cliff-hanger questions, especially related to your job and career progression, should finally start to straighten out during the first week of the month. After a period of chaos at work, give yourself permission to let off some steam with your favourite people. Skip your usual yoga class and make self-care a group activity, especially after 12 July. A spa weekend is the perfect retreat. Leo season (23 July) signals the beginning of a quieter period, the perfect time to recharge your batteries.

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Libra And Libra Rising


July is… time to time to make yourself comfortable
Reassess your work/life balance

Loose ends left hanging last month are set to resolve the first week of July, although it won’t be without a little drama. There’s a lot of collective angst pinging around, but if you keep calm and stay in your own lane, you’ll take the turbulence in your stride. The middle of the month looks extra sweet for stepping up and shining on the job. If you’re thinking about a change of scenery, the new moon (10 July) is especially inspired for setting professional goals. The mood shifts for the final week of July (23rd onwards) as Leo season lights up your social life. Clear your diary and prepare for the invites to flow in.

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Scorpio And Scorpio Rising


July is… time to make yourself comfortable
Plan a weekend away

The emotional waters of Cancer season should feel warmly familiar after a seriously heady—maybe even angsty—June. The first week of July looks dramatic on a collective level, so make sure you’ve got some self-care strategies ready to rock. Plan a break, even if it’s just a plush hotel for a night or two in your hometown. A change of scenery is just what you need to recover from the intensity of the first half of the year. You’ll be ready to step up to the plate towards the end of the month when Leo season (23 July) shifts the focus onto your career, while the full moon (24 July) sheds light around work/life balance.

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Sagittarius And Sagittarius Rising


July is… time to make yourself comfortable
Ask for support where you need it

As signs go, Sagittarians aren’t exactly famous for their love of yawning silence or deep introspection. Still, even the sassiest among us can do with a little quiet time. Consider the first few weeks of the month a cosmic reminder to wind down and make space for a little soul searching. Whether it's self-guided practices like automatic writing or something therapeutic like seeing a counsellor, getting in touch with your vulnerability is necessary this month. With your ruling planet (Jupiter) retrograde, going within should be a little easier. If it’s all feeling too much, remind yourself that Leo season is just around the corner (23 July) and with the promise of parties, late nights and lots of laughs.

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Capricorn And Capricorn Rising


July is… time to make yourself comfortable
Plan the perfect night in with your favourite person

While the collective energy feels heavy early in the month, July offers plenty of goodness on the romance front. The first three weeks of the month are all about your most important relationships. Seeking nourishment from the ones you love most is your only job, and you’ll get there a lot faster if you let your guard down. Cancer season is all about getting in touch with your softer side. So take a deep breath and share your needs. Sound terrifying? Catch the good vibes and speak up around the 12th when the astro weather favours the (emotionally) brave. It’s unfamiliar territory for Caps but the pay off this month is so worth it.

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Aquarius And Aquarius Rising


July is… time to make yourself comfortable
Slow down your workout schedule

July looks eventful for Aquarians, especially on the home/partner front, but it’s not without some gentler moments. Questions left hanging unanswered during Mercury retrograde should finally get an outcome in the first week. Once that’s sorted, turn your attention to prioritising your health. Ask yourself, what does your body need right now? More rest days? More time in nature? Experiment with restorative classes Yin yoga or lash out on a five-pack of massages. Energy levels should come back online after the 23rd when Leo season has you feeling the love. Until then, enjoy a little self-indulgence.

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Pisces And Pisces Rising


July is… time to make yourself comfortable
Experiment with art therapy  

With the final four weeks of Jupiter in your home sign, there’s never been a better time to tap every last drop of inspiration available. Reflection and self-awareness are essential to mining the sweetness on offer. It may not be immediately obvious, but scratch beneath the surface and it is there. Unanswered questions or concerns around home and family should be resolved by the 8th. Throw yourself into creativity and play during, especially between 10 to 23 July when the skies are primed to pay Pisceans artistic dividends. Get lost in flow, fall in love or rekindle the romance—the choice is yours.

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Emma Vidgen is a writer, astrologer and meditation teacher. She is also the co-founder of The Wayward, a site dedicated to demystifying the mystical and doing life differently. Follow her on Instagram at @emma_vee and @thewayward.co or book a reading.
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