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By Emma Vidgen
1st Jun 2021

There’s an ethereal haze over the first 10 days of June courtesy of Mercury retrograde—until 23 June—and eclipse season. Great news if you’re writing a screenplay or taking off to a bush doof, not so amazing if you’re trying to get sh*t done. Tension builds mid-month as ongoing issues resurface (around 15 June). Think back to mid February (around the 17th) for a hint of what issues might tip you off and don’t be surprised when they get stirred up again towards the end of the month (28 June).

It’s a lot. But the secret to wading through it all is making friends with surrender. Staying flexible, adaptive and responsive is key. Let the tide take you out with the confidence that you will float back to shore. With Jupiter in Pisces in your corner, getting in touch with your bendiest self will be a lot easier.

Aries And Aries Rising


June is time to… go with the flow
Calm your mind with a docuseries binge

Reflecting on why things are the way they are—from illogical processes at work to why you don’t keep the Vegemite in the fridge—will have you lost in thought. Sate your appetite for understanding by binging on documentaries (start with My Octopus Teacher then see where the recommendations take you). The eclipse on the 10th could herald a new beginning around learning and self-expression while mid-month ongoing money issues might have you feeling restless. Creative types will be in the flow with words and ideas coming in thick and fast. But your attention to detail could be a little off. Make sure you check anything important like contracts and official documents thoroughly.

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Taurus And Taurus Rising


June is time to… go with the flow
Relax your approach to money

You’ve got cash on the brain the first few weeks of the month as Mercury retrograde forces you to go back and review earlier calls you made involving money. With Neptune’s influence it might feel like money is slipping through your fingers. If you have a, “where is it all going?!” moment, take a minute. Try bringing a sense of presence (try tracking it in your bank app) to your spending the same way you would to your diet if you suspected an allergy. The wheels start turning on big changes around your cash sitch with the eclipse on 10 June. Edginess around work could peak mid-month but your concerns will be familiar territory (think back to February for a preview). Bury yourself in a good book and take time to rest and recuperate— especially after 21 June.

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Gemini And Gemini Rising

21 MAY—20 JUNE

June is time to… go with the flow
Trust your intuition, especially at work

Brace yourself because June is going to be epic for Gemini folks. The metaphorical smoke machines are cranking for max dreaminess in the first 10 days, hitting you hard with creative inspiration. Prioritise anything artistic, social or restorative, and keep expectations realistic (read: moderate to low) on the job. Your sixth sense during this month will be next level so listen out for any intuitive hits, especially about your career. It could be gut feelings, random coincidences or vivid dreams. If it makes no sense, write it down, and as the month progresses, start to piece together the puzzle. The eclipse on the 10th cues the beginning of some big changes around how you, do you. It’s not a time to action anything, but letting go and seeing what unfolds.

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Cancer And Cancer Rising


June is time to… go with the flow
Schedule solitude like it’s a KPI

After a very social May, the vibe is significantly more contemplative for Cancerian folks in the first few weeks of June. This month’s special blend of confusion and uncertainty could cause the people around you (more so than you yourself) to have a bit of a freak out. As one of the first responders of the zodiac, if you don’t consciously take time out to retreat, you could end up carrying everyone else’s stuff. Plot out plenty of quiet time in your calendar at the start of the month to resist being drawn into the drama. Then, look forward to the solstice (21 June) which marks the beginning of Cancer season, and the point in the month you’ll feel ready to crawl back out of your shell.

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Leo And Leo Rising


June is time to… go with the flow
Reconnect with old friends

June is a truly mixed bag, offering a selection of jelly snakes, sour worms and liquorice all-sorts. Socially, there’s a lot happening which will undoubtedly be the highlight. But the tension between getting on with things and the overwhelming uncertainty of life (especially after June 12) could leave you feeling tres edgy. Soothe your soul by reconnecting with old friends. The nostalgia hit is the warm-and-fuzzy feel you need in your life right now. As the month progresses, make slowing down a top priority. Self-care strategies are your best friend, especially post-solstice (21 June) until the end of the month. Before you know it, it will be the most wonderful time of the year (Leo season) so give yourself a chance to rest and prepare.

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Virgo And Virgo Rising


June is time to… go with the flow
Let go of unrealistic expectations at work

Your propensity to prepare for every possible outcome will be put to good use with ambiguity reaching a record high in June. Even still, your reserves of patience will be put to the test as confusion settles in with the haze of a thousand smoke machines, especially at work. With your ruling planet Mercury retrograde for most of the month, you’ll be fighting a fog to maintain your usual levels of productivity. No one expects more of themselves at work than a Virgo. Give yourself permission to quit hustling so hard. Take some solace in the fact that there are big changes afoot around your career and home life on the way. The solar eclipse on the 10th kicks off a new chapter set to unfold over the following six months. Trust that what is meant to fall away, will fall away, and have faith that something new is coming.

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Libra And Libra Rising


June is time to… go with the flow
Expect delays, especially if you’re travelling

Best-laid plans may drift off course this month as wild space weather threatens progress and any potential travel plans. Your usual MO—to initiate things, make stuff happen and generally read the room—just won’t fly in June. The frustration will be real unless you consciously make an effort to soften and allow things to happen. Delays are inevitable, but how you respond to them is up to you. You could get cranky, or you could just enjoy a scenic detour. Anticipating hold-ups and allowing plenty of extra time will help keep irritation to a minimum. Later in the month the solstice marks a shift with energy focussing on your career. With big water energy powering up your intuition, trust your gut if opportunities come your way.

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Scorpio And Scorpio Rising


June is time to… go with the flow
Prioritise time to yourself

As a master of perception, not a lot gets past you. This is usually a super power, but this month it could feel downright exhausting. As the planets throw a bucket of water over the collective fuse box, you’ll be forced to dodge the sparks that fly. Even if you remain unscathed by the logistical chaos that ensues, the nervous energy of everyone else could drive you to distraction. Maintaining perspective and enjoying the drama from a healthy distance is key. Remember not everyone is as steely under pressure as you. The second half of the month highlights an ongoing tension involving love/relationships and home/family. When things get too much, come back to your breath and trust the issues that arise need to be resolved before you can move on.

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Sagittarius And Sagittarius Rising


June is time to… go with the flow
Let your intuition guide you in love

Relationships are a major focus this month with Mercury retrograde signalling a big review of your love life. With Neptune in the mix, the lack of clarity will mean getting a straight answer about where you stand will be difficult. It could manifest as a confusing situation unfolding in your partners life, or it may actually be an issue within your own relationship. If you’re single, getting clear on what you—or someone else wants—will be tricky. Don’t get caught up trying to over analyse, this is a time to lean into your instinct. If you give yourself space to sit with a decision, deep down, you know the answer. The eclipse on the 10th marks the beginning of big changes set to unfold over the coming six months so rest assured that while the haze is unsettling, it won’t be like this forever.

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Capricorn And Capricorn Rising


June is time to… go with the flow
Be prepared for delays in your day-to-day

As Mercury retrograde and Neptune leave your daily routine a little soggy, you’ll be forced to relinquish your attachment to being in control. Not an easy thing for an organised and capable Cap, but if you approach this whole “surrender” caper like a skill to be mastered, you might almost enjoy it. OK that might be a little strong, but you will get through it if you keep seeing the speedbumps as a strategic challenge rather than a personal affront. Another hiccup could be dealing with other people’s meltdowns (especially if you manage a team). Remember there’s no one more adept at handling a crisis than a Cap; you got this. Watch out for tetchiness around cash – especially the second half of the month. Schedule downtime with your favourite people to help manage the angst.

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Aquarius And Aquarius Rising


June is time to… go with the flow
Get lost in an artistic project

After a fairly tumultuous start to the year, this Mercury retrograde looks a little less intense for you dear Aquarius. While things may come undone around you, the first 10 days of the month offer some pretty sweet opportunities to go deep into a creative practice. It’s the sort of weather perfect for going to ground and getting lost in your work (not the 9– 5 kind). Surrender to the process of making something—be it art, music, love—for the sake of it; no end goals. An ongoing itch around work and home continues to cause uneasiness, especially from the middle of the month onwards. The good news is, it’s issues you’ve dealt with before, and each time you have to deal with it, you get a bit closer to resolving the situation for good.

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Pisces And Pisces Rising


June is time to… go with the flow
Get creative at home   

While the rest of the zodiac will be operating in various stages of confusion through to mild panic this month you’ll be swimming in a soup of glorious liminal space. In June, you’ve got the chance to tap into some major artistic inspiration, especially at home. Ideas will be flowing freely as boundaries come down and you’re swept away on a wave of possibility. Paint a wall, knock it down, just go to town! The only threat to this lovely, dreamy bubble is… other people. As the sponge of the zodiac, you can be effortlessly drawn into BS before you know it. You already know the culprits. Make life easy for yourself and keep your distance. The waves subside somewhat when Mercury goes direct (23 June), but there’ll be plenty of time for big emotional insights as Cancer season brings all the feels.

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Emma Vidgen is a writer, astrologer and meditation teacher. She is also the co-founder of The Wayward, a site dedicated to demystifying the mystical and doing life differently. Follow her on Instagram at @emma_vee and @thewayward.co or book a reading.
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