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Put Your Fandom IQ To The Test, Netflix Just Dropped Its Own Version Of Heads Up!

By Jessica Best
24th Aug 2022

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How would you act out the concept behind Squid Game in under five seconds?

If you’re a sucker for games night or love to spontaneously test your fandom IQ at the pub, this new game has been practically made for you. Netflix Heads Up! Has just dropped and much like its name suggests, this one is a dedicated Netflix-take on the popular mobile you’ve all most definitely played before.

Netflix Heads Up! is a twist on charades where players have to guess the words on another player's forehead before the one-minute timer runs out. There are 28 themed decks to choose from, inspired from shows like Bridgerton, Stranger Things and Squid Game. You’ll also find decks that channel Netflix’s entertainment genres like ‘Strong Black Lead’ and ‘Netflix Is A Joke’.

You can download Netflix Heads Up! On Android and iOS devices in up to 15 different languages.

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Image credit: Netflix

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