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10 Of The Most Nostalgic Disney Movies And Shows To Help You Relive The Magic

By Jaiden Bhaga

Ursula the witch surrounded by her odious eel lackeys.

Picture this; your eyes are glued to the TV set watching your latest Blockbuster rental, Fruju tropical snow in hand, McCain Potato Smiles are the only food group that matters and your most prized possession is a portable CD player—feeling nostalgic yet? Us too. Luckily, the wonderful world of Disney+ has brought back all the classics we know and love, so we can all relive the good times. 

While this easily could be a list of 50, we've limited ourselves to just ten of the most magical Disney movies and shows to re-discover from your youth.

That's So Raven

Peak Disney Channel, the misadventures of psychic teenage Raven Baxter still bring the laughs 17 years later. In addition to being utterly hilarious, the hit series is also remembered for its impactful episodes addressing discrimination and body image. Watch it on Disney+ here


The Lion King

Remakes aside, there's no 90's childhood untouched by the masterpiece that is The Lion King. Simba's coming of age story is the complete package; with rich animation, humour, arguably the best Disney soundtrack and mild trauma (R.I.P. Mufasa). After the year that was 2020, we could all use a little 'Hakuna Matata' right about now. Watch The Lion King on Disney+ here


A Goofy Movie

A pure 90's spectacle, it's no wonder The Goofy Movie has since gained a cult following since its 1995 debut. The film sees Goofy and his teenage son Max hit the road for the ultimate bonding road trip. Unsurprisingly, with Goofy behind the wheel things don't quite go to plan and the two end up on a whacky and wonderful adventure. The pizza in the movie also deserves an honourable mention (if you know, you know). Watch A Goofy Movie on Disney+ here


Mrs Doubtfire

Starring the late great Robin Williams at his finest, Mrs Doubtfire was essential in any VHS stack. When his marriage falls apart, Daniel Hillard (Williams) transforms himself into curmudgeonly housekeeper Mrs Doubtfire in an effort to spend more time with his kids. A flick that only gets better with every viewing, rewatch this gem on Disney+ here.


High School Musical 

Can you believe it's been a whopping 15 years since we first got our head in the game? In what is arguably the golden age of Disney Channel, the (now) all-star cast led by Zac Efron bopped the movie to the top of viewers' hearts and charts worldwide. Relive the dance moves and watch High School Musical on Disney+ here. Better yet, you can see the next generation of Wildcats do their thing on the Disney + original High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. 


The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Quite literally what dreams are made of, the Lizzie McGuire movie had it all; Italian landmarks, iconic looks, romance and a plot twist that changed cinema forever. Okay, maybe not, but you're lying if the words 'sing to me Paolo' mean nothing to you. While they may have cancelled series reboot, we'll always have this gem. Watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie on Disney+ here.


Kim Possible

You'll want to have your nachos at the ready for this one. Everyone's favourite teen spy was a staple on the telly from '02 to '07. In case you need a refresh, the series follows Kim Possible, high schooler by day and crime-fighting spy by night. Along with her best friends Ron, Wade and Rufus the naked mole-rat your eyes will be glued to the screen as they battle it out against the evil Dr Drakken and Shego, the O.G. queen of sass. Watch Kim Possible on Disney+ here


Toy Story

 It's hard to believe Toy Story was the first-ever computer-animated movie, ever. Cinema may have come a long way since, but the charm and heart of this O.G. has never faded. This flick follows Woody, owner Andy's favourite toy, that is, until Buzz Lightyear arrives on the scene. The two rivals quickly find a friend in each other through the heartwarming tale, thus kicking off an epic four-movie franchise. Watch Toy Story on Disney+ here, and don't forget the sequels! 


Who Framed Roger Rabbit

If this is the first time you've heard of this movie stop everything you're doing immediately and 'toon' in. A brilliant collision of live-action and animation, think of Who Framed Roger Rabbit as the O.G. Space Jam. A comedic mystery, the film follows Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) as he navigates both fantasy and reality alongside iconic cartoon characters to solve a murder. Watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit on Disney+ here


The Little Mermaid

A turning point for Disney Animation that set the new blueprint for Disney movies, The Little Mermaid is iconic in every sense of the word. The film follows Ariel, a headstrong 16-year old mermaid obsessed with the world above with a desperate wish to be human. Striking a deal with the sea witch Ursula, she trades in her voice to change her fins to feet while finding love along the way. From a singing crab to seamless animation, there's a little something for everyone in this fish-out-of-water flick. If you haven't already, make The Little Mermaid a part of your world now and watch it on Disney+ here


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