Treat Your Tastebuds This Lunar New Year With These 7 Recipes

By Urban List Writers
17th Jan 2023

The anticipation of Lunar New Year is well and truly growing, as the fortnight-long celebrations draw ever closer. Kicking off on Sunday, 22 January, the yearly festivities centred on prosperity, luck, feasts, family and friends are a time to come together and celebrate the year that was, and the year that is to come. 

One of the fundamental elements of Lunar New Year celebrations is food, with many dishes carrying symbolic significance as well as crowd-pleasing flavours. Staples such as fish are favoured for their phonetic similarities to themes of prosperity—in Chinese, the word for fish, 鱼 or ‘Yú’, sounds similar to ‘surplus’. Other popular snacks during festivities are dumplings and spring rolls, which are wrapped and prepared to look like ingots of silver and gold, respectively.

There’s no shortage of inspo for whipping up a feast to feed your nearest and dearest during Lunar New Year. But if you’re keen on some ideas to get you started, we’ve linked up with  Asian Inspirations to pull together seven easy and delicious recipes to make at home. Read on for all the delicious details. 

Spring Rolls

Oriental Merchants Asian Inspirations Spring Rolls

With pork, chicken or vegan recipe options available, these classic snacks are always a crowd-pleaser and a staple during Lunar New Year. Traditionally eaten on the first day of spring, hence the name, they are a versatile dish, appearing as appetizers, during the main event and as snacks. Take some time to yourself while you shred, slice and chop in the prepping stages for some active meditation vibes, or corral your nearest and dearest to get involved, celebration-style. 

Full method and ingredients list, here

Prawn Salad With Tom Yum Mayo

Oriental Merchants Asian Inspirations Prawn Salad with Tom Yum Mayo

Prawns hold a special and humourous place in Cantonese Lunar New Year celebrations. The word ‘prawns’ in Cantonese is ‘ha’, and when you double that up, you get ‘haha’—so you can expect there to be laughter and joy at the table when prawns are on the menu. Another ingredient that always brings joy wherever it goes is KEWPIE Mayonnaise. It’s also the secret ingredient that elevates any dish, and this recipe is no exception. Combining the distinctive sour and spicy flavours of Tom Yum with the delicate tang of mayo, this is the perfect summer dish packed full of flavour. 

Full method and ingredients list, here

Yuzu Mayonnaise Chicken Yakisoba

Oriental Merchants Asian Inspirations Yuzu Mayonnaise Chicken Yakisoba

Noodles are connected to prosperity during New Year celebrations, with tradition dictating that you must not cut or even chew your noodles as the longer the noodle is when you eat it, the longer your life will be. This spicy, fresh dish features fresh Yuzu notes and a tonne of aromatic garlic and spice, and silky noodles perfect for slurping. Substitute the chicken for some firm tofu and you’ve got a crowd-pleaser for all your vegetarian mates. 

Full method and ingredients list, here

Chinese Dumplings

Oriental Merchants Asian Inspirations Chinese Dumplings

Dumplings are traditionally made on New Year's Eve and eaten on the first day of the Lunar New Year as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in the coming year. They’re also best made in good company so invite your friends around while you chop, cook and crimp a stack of dumplings. Check out the video demonstration in the recipe for expert tips on the perfect folding and crimping method. 

Full method and ingredients list, here

Stir-Fried Bok Choy with Shiitake Mushrooms

Oriental Merchants Asian Inspirations Stir-Fried Bok Choy with Shiitake Mushrooms

This is the perfect dish to whip up when you’re against the clock. Taking only five minutes to prepare, the simplicity of the method lets the flavours of bok choy, shiitake and garlic do all the heavy lifting. Skip the oyster sauce if you prefer plant-based only dishes, or pair it with the following recipe for a winning texture and flavour combo.  

Full method and ingredients list, here

Pork Belly Roast (Siu Yuk)

Oriental Merchants Asian Inspirations Pork Belly Roast (Siu Yuk)

This super simple recipe, with only seven ingredients, has a big flavour payoff. Set aside up to two hours to get the perfect crispy crackling and thank yourself for your patience when you bite into tender pork with a satisfying crunch. 

Full method and ingredients list, here

Pineapple Roll

Oriental Merchants Asian Inspirations Pineapple Roll

Round out a good feast with these sweet pockets of pineapple joy. A common staple during Lunar New Year, the pineapple is a symbol of wealth and prosperity and these little rolls offer riches in flavour as well as the universe's favour.   

Full method and ingredients list, here

Keen to whip up a whole feast of Lunar New Year treats? Head over here for more inspo. 

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