Here’s How You Can Score A Pay Rise In Just 5 Days

By Morgan Reardon
18th Jun 2021

two women dressed in leather jackets smile and embrace.

Put a finger up if you’ve ever been denied a pay rise, put another finger up if you’ve experienced imposter syndrome, and keep it going if you’ve felt undervalued, overworked and discriminated against in your current job. If you’re a woman and have even one finger up right now, you’re going to want to hear this—we’ve uncovered a game-changing, free (not a typo) five-day course with PepTalkHer, one of the coolest and most inspiring female-led organisations out there.

PepTalkHer—which was founded by former investigative journalist and all round boss queen Meggie Palmer—is on a mission to close the gender pay gap and achieve gender diversity in leadership by supporting, empowering and equipping women to recognise their worth. 

As well as helping global corporations such as JP Morgan and Revlon to achieve gender diversity, PepTalkHer also runs programs to level up women’s careers and their globally acclaimed PepTalkHer app gives you a career pep talk when you need it most When you consider that women are still suffering from that 13.4% gender pay gap (that’s $13,000 per year women are missing out on purely because of their gender) we need all the help we can get.

That’s why you really want to get familiar with, and sign up for, PepTalkHer’s five-day Success Sprint challenge. Kicking off 22 June in Australia and New Zealand, you’ll score a free daily challenge from PepTalkHer’s in-house psychologist so you see success shifts straight away. Plus live 10 minute daily coaching calls with Palmer herself to dive deeper into the success framework and ask any questions (this is literally worth its weight in gold). And a supportive accountability crew to make sure you accomplish your goals and end 2021 with a bang (no matter how it started). We did mention this course is FREE right? 

Speaking about the Success Sprint, PepTalkHer’s behavioural psychologist Bri Jenkins says, “We decided to use an evidence-based approach, since there is so much incredible research into workplace wellbeing, self esteem and behavioral change. We’ve really done a deep dive into understanding what professional women are wanting from their careers and their lives, and also how we can address the barriers to this.”

“Behavioral change is a big part of what we talk about in the challenge—the power of small, incremental changes that add up to something life-changing. We also use creativity and curiosity in this work—ultimately, we’re trying to support our participants to meet their full potential, whatever that looks like”

Free tools to help you earn the income you deserve plus a support crew of talented, smart women? We like the sound of that! To join PepTalkHer’s five-day Success Sprint head here and stay up to date with more of their awesome campaigns on their Insta.

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Image Credit: Joel Muniz/Unsplash

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