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Win Christmas This Year With 10 Unique And Thoughtful Gifts

By Jess Willemse
23rd Nov 2021

If there was ever a Christmas to treat your loved ones like the queens they are, this is it. Say it with us—I vow not to purchase a single boring bath bomb this year. Good. 

This festive season, it’s all about showing the MVPs in your life that you really care. So together with the team over at VistaPrint, we’re going all-in on personalised gifts. We’re talking about one-of-a-kind creations that really mean something special. No matter who you’re shopping for, here’s exactly how to nail Christmas and make sure your present won’t end up in the regifting pile. 

Astrology Beach Towels 

It’s written in the stars… you need to grab your mate a stunning beach towel based on their zodiac sign. This series from Public Figure is made in collaboration with artist Anisah Nasir, and features her intricate hand-drawn forms inspired by zodiac traits. Level-up someone's summer beach days with these beauties—and maybe grab one for yourself while you’re at it. 

Custom Coffee Mug 

For the caffeine addict in your life, nothing is more useful than a coffee mug. But this year skip the status-quo and opt for a personalised mug. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity—adorn your gift with a sentimental photo, a cheeky saying, an inside joke or an iconic quote. Stuck for stocking gifts or secret Santa? Add a mug to your cart, stat. 

Perfect Wine Subscription 

Wine paired perfectly to your tastes? Don’t mind if we do. Good Pair Days wine boxes are customised to suit a fun palate quiz you take on their site. From that, their expert sommeliers whip up a set of sips to suit your budget and flavour preferences—the dream. Save yourself the guesswork and pick up a gift voucher, so your loved ones can enjoy the full experience themselves. Give the bottle store a skip this year and get among Good Pair Days here

Bespoke Perfume 

MetaScent is a Melbourne-based perfume brand making all of your wildest dreams come true in one tiny bottle. It’s a fully immersive experience for your special someone, where they’ll relay their stories to MetaScent Perfumers and in turn be rewarded with a completely unique fragrance. They say memories are attached to scents, so Christmas gifting really doesn't get more thoughtful than this.  

One-Of-A-Kind Threads 

You all know the saying ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve.’ Add a twist to this idea by getting your loved one’s name printed on a long sleeve tee. Taking a subtle approach to personalised tees comes off super thoughtful and timeless, so they’re sure to get wear out of it for years to come. Plus, they’ll never lose their shirt—it’s a win-win really. 

Statement Suitcases

It’s no secret we love to travel at Urban List. And our 2022 goals ARE to make it happen more. Give the globe trotter in your life a reason to make next year count with personalised gear from July. From luggage sets to carry-on bags, backpacks and drink bottles, they’ll never lose track of their bag at the airport ever again. And if they need some travel inspo, you know where to send them.

Your Very Own Koala (Kind Of)

If your friend is the kind of person who has it all, they’ll appreciate you doing good with your coin this Christmas and supporting the Australian Koala Foundation. When you adopt a Koala, you’re helping to save ones in the wild and supporting the important work protecting their habitat. Plus, you can even take a quiz to match your adopted koala with the person you’re buying for—how’s that for sentimental? 

Brews And Laughs 

Take a practical gift from boring to belly laughs with a cheeky customised coaster. We all have that one person (you, Dan) who can’t seem to use a coaster no matter how much they try. A sweet yet sassy reminder will save you nagging them, and your table—how good. On the flip side, the older folk in your life absolutely live for photographs on homewares, so consider getting a few family favourites printed on coasters for Nan and Pop. And the award for best grandchild goes to… 

Monogrammed Goods 

We don’t know why, but there’s nothing quite as luxe as having your initials monogrammed on something special. The Daily Edited is all about this and offers tonnes of creative ways to add that personal touch. While they’re known for phone cases, the list doesn’t stop there. With everything from AirPods cases to jewellery boxes, laptop covers, tech and travel accessories on offer, the options really are endless. 

Personalised Water Bottles 

For the sustainably minded person in your life, gift them a water bottle this silly season. Customise the look with a personalised message and voila, you've got yourself a thoughtful and extremely useable accessory they'll adore. You might also have to supply some booze to pair with the water bottle, but we’ll leave that at your discretion. 

It’s time to put an end to boring gifts—how many gift vouchers can one person receive, you know?! If you’re looking to give one-of-a-kind gifts this Christmas, VistaPrint’s unique range is bound to elevate you to favourite status. Click here for more. 

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored by VistaPrint and proudly endorsed by The Urban List. To find out more about who we work with and why read our editorial policy here.

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