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14 Shows Like Ginny & Georgia You Need To Binge Immediately

By Morgan Reardon
16th Mar 2021

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In the world of TV series, few have captured our hearts quite like Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia. And we’re not alone, the series clocked 15 consecutive days at number one on the streaming service—that’s a feat only achieved by shows like Tiger King, The Queen’s Gambit and Ratched

The show, which follows mother-daughter duo Ginny and Georgia as they escape a sketchy past in favour of a new start in small town America, is the perfect mix of Gilmore Girls wholesomeness sprinkled with a dark, criminal undertone. There’s double lives, a potential murder and so much high school drama. In short, it’s highly addictive. 

If you, like us, need something to tide you over until season two drops, then we’ve got you covered with these 14 shows like Ginny & Georgia.

Teenage Bounty Hunters


If you loved Georgia’s sassy, southern charm and Ginny’s non-stop teen angst, then you’ll dig Teenage Bounty Hunters. It goes like this: Rebelling against their buttoned-up Southern community, sixteen-year-old fraternal twin sisters Sterling and Blair Wesley team up with veteran bounty hunter Bowser Jenkins (Kadeem Hardison) for an over-the-top adventure as they dive into the world of bail skipping baddies and suburban secrets while trying to navigate all the highs and lows of school—including love, sex and study hall. 

Jane The Virgin


If Ginny & Georgia taught us anything, it’s that family drama with a hint of crime is the perfect recipe for a great show—a winning combo that Jane The Virgin absolutely nails. The series follows Jane (Gina Rodriguez) who falls pregnant, despite being a virgin (stick with us) after she is accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine doctor's appointment. When she finds out her baby daddy happens to be her boss, the telenova gets seriously juicy. Turning to her mum for help, Jane takes on mum life with a nice serving of villains, evil twins and amnesia. Oh yep, this one is a wild ride. 

Little Fires Everywhere

Amazon Prime

There’s few things we love more than an epic book to TV series adaptation and this beauty, produced by Reese Witherspoon, ticks every box. Little Fires Everywhere takes place in the 90s in the placid town of Shaker Heights, Ohio where Elena Richardson (Witherspoon) thrives in her organised, predictable life. But everything changes when mysterious Mia Warren (Kerry Washington) arrives in town with her teenage daughter Pearl and rents a house from Elena. Soon the Warrens become so much more than just tenants and their lives become irrevocably entwined with Elena and her kids. 

Outer Banks


Filled with a genetically blessed cast, Outer Banks is a coming of age story that follows a tight-knit group of local teens—known as the Pogues—in the beach vacation destination of the Outer Banks, North Carolina. When a hurricane kills the power for the summer season, it sets off a chain of illicit events that force the friends to make life-altering decisions. The search for their ringleader’s missing father, forbidden romances, a high-stakes treasure hunt, and the escalating conflict between the Pogues and their rivals turn their summer into one filled with mystery and adventure they’ll never forget. You’ll devour this one in a single weekend.

All American


If Ginny got you amped when she took on systemic racism and outdated beliefs at her school, then you’ll want to plug into All American stat. Based on a true story, the series follows Spencer James, a rising football player who transfers from his rough hometown in Crenshaw, LA to the affluent Beverly Hills where he is recruited as their star quarterback. Navigating new romances, a strained relationship with his father and his new cashed up mates, there’s a whole lot of epic drama to binge here. 

Tiny Pretty Things


Based on the book of the same name, Tiny Pretty Things is set in the world of an elite ballet academy and charts the rise and fall of young adults who live far from their homes, each standing on the verge of greatness or ruin. As Chicago’s only elite dance school, the Archer School of Ballet serves as the company school for the city’s renowned professional company, City Works Ballet, and is an oasis for an array of dancers: rich and poor, from north and south, and a range of backgrounds. Yet they all share a rare talent and passion for dance, a loyal sense of community—and when it comes to their dreams, there is no Plan B, leading to some dark consequences. 

Search Party


Search Party can best be summed up like this: Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars with a heavy dose of sass and screams. Yep, it’s amazing. The series follows a group of four privileged, self-absorbed twenty-somethings—Dory, her boyfriend Drew and her hilarious pals Elliott and Portia—who after taking it upon themselves to solve the case of a missing woman in New York, unwittingly become involved in a death and are forced to cover it up. Juicy right? Even better, the cast is seriously stacked featuring Arrested Development legend Alia Shawkat (who is also a producer on the series), Stranger Things’ John Reynolds and Meredith Hagner (Younger), as well as Ron Livingston and Rosie Perez.

The Wilds

Amazon Prime

Looking to take all that teen angst served up by Ginny to the next level? Then plug into fantastical newbie The Wilds on Amazon Prime. Part survival drama, part dystopian slumber party, The Wilds follows a group of teen girls from different backgrounds who must fight for survival after a plane crash strands them on a deserted island. The castaways both clash and bond as they learn more about each other, the secrets they keep, and the traumas they've all endured—trust us, it gets… wild! But there’s one big twist to this thrilling drama you need to know about—these girls did not end up on this island by accident. 

Good Girls


Georgia and her quick-thinking ways would fit right in with the leading ladies of Good Girls. The crime dramedy centres around three mums: Beth, whose used-car-dealing cheating husband has sent her to financial ruin; Annie, a single mum caught in a nasty custody battle and Ruby, happily married but in desperate need of cash to help cover her daughter’s medical bills. Fed up with being mistreated by society, the trio hatch a plan to rob a local grocery store (which Annie works at). Being total novices, the heist doesn’t exactly go to plan and the trio fall into a world of crime they never would have expected.

Looking For Alaska


Teen drama: check. Complicated relationship with parents: check. A potential murder: check. Looking For Alaska has many of the same ingredients as Ginny & Georgia, albeit told in a different setting. The limited series, based on the book of the same name and produced by Josh Schwartz (The O.C. and Gossip Girl), follows teen Miles ‘Pudge’ Halter, a bookworm who never really fit in, as he attempts to gain a fresh start at a lakeside boarding school. There he meets a rag tag group of loyal and lovable mates, falling hard for one in particular—Alaska Young. Each with their own demons, they band together until a tragedy threatens to tear them all apart. It’s oh so binge-worthy. 

Spinning Out


Spinning Out follows Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario), a talented, up-and-coming elite figure skater who’s ready to turn in her skates after a disastrous fall took her off the competition track. However, when she’s presented a second chance as a pair skater, she seizes the opportunity to continue her career and pairs up with talent pair skater and resident bad boy Justin (Evan Roderick). She soon realizes that in order to chase her skating dreams, she’ll have to overcome fractured family relationships, a rocky partnership, and personal demons that threaten to derail everything she’s worked for.

Good Trouble


This spinoff from the hugely popular drama The Fosters, is a must watch. In Good Trouble, we follow foster sisters Callie (Australia’s own Maia Mitchell) and Mariana as they embark on the next phase of their adult life in LA where Callie has scored a job as a clerk to a big-time judge while Mariana is an engineer at a cool tech start up. But the real fun happens at their new digs, a communal living space in an old theatre called The Coterie where their new roommates provide lots of good (and bad) trouble. Whilst a fun watch, the show also covers thought-provoking topics like the BLM movement, youth incarceration and mental health. 



Based on the young adult novel by screenwriter Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith (Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s the Man) Trinkets has teen drama and crime in bucketloads. The plot goes like this: When three teenage girls find themselves in the same mandated Shoplifters Anonymous meeting, an unlikely friendship forms between grieving misfit Elodie (Brianna Hildebrand), mysterious outsider Moe (Kiana Madeira), and Tabitha (Quintessa Swindell), an imperfect picture of perfection. They will find strength in each other as they negotiate the complicated dilemma of trying to fit in while longing to break out.

Gilmore Girls


We know there’s no crime element or hidden agenda in this series but hey, in Ginny & Georgia, Georgia says they're "like Gilmore Girls, but with bigger boobs"—so it would be remiss of us NOT to include this much-loved series in this list. If you’re after a wholesomeness hit then start streaming Gilmore Girls immediately. If you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen the show, it follows young single mother Lorelei Gilmore, her shy, smart teenage daughter Rory and their lives in the postcard perfect town of Stars Hollow. Don’t worry, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, there’s strained mother-daughter moments, love triangles and relationship breakdowns aplenty. 

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