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Stranger Things 4 Is About To Drop On Netflix In Two Volumes So Get Ready

By Jessica Best
18th Feb 2022


It’s been a while since the world bawled its eyes out and was left at the edge of its seat with the third season of Stranger Things (ST). Now, the beans have truly been spilt on the next round of Demogorgon antics so, take a seat and soak up the facts.

What's New With Stranger Things 4

Ok listen up, in a written letter to Stranger Things fans across the world, the Duffer brothers have just gone and dropped a bombshell. The two stated this season of ST has been the hardest yet, as they managed COVID-19 challenges and an obvious expectation to make this iteration the biggest and darkest yet.

Turns out, season four spans an unprecented length so to make sure fans don't wait any longer, the brothers are dropping Stranger Things season four in two volumes. Volume one will release May 27th and volume two will release five weeks later on July 1st.

What Happens In Stranger Things 4

As for where things can go from here (spoiler alert), last season wrapped up with the Buyers leaving Hawkins, Eleven’s powers gone and Hopper being trapped in the Upside Down— consequently raising theories spanning his death or whether the Russians had somehow kidnapped him.

From the latest teaser and Stranger Things 4 buzz, here’s what we actually know. We know that Chief Hopper is definitely alive (and not trapped in the Upside Down, sorry guys). We know you’ll be introduced to several new characters including Jonathan’s new best friend, a new student at Hawkins High School and we know that Jamie Campbell Bower (Sweeney Todd, The Twilight Saga) is locked to play an orderly at a psychiatric hospital, the main setting of Stranger Things’ season to come.

For now, you can scope out the official teaser below.

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Image credit: Netflix

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