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5 New Podcasts Worth Listening To This Month

By Victoria Cotman - 14 Feb 2019

This month, there’s a hefty line-up of next level podcasts worth listening to and falling in love with. You’re in for David Tennant whispering sweet nothings in your ear in David Tennant Does a Podcast With…, a conman who is sure to steal your heart in Who the Hell is Hamish? and a brand new podcast from the team that brought you Dirty John  and Dr. Death. 

Here are all the podcasts worth listening to this month.

David Tennant Does A Podcast With…

You might know him as the bad guy in Jessica Jones, the good guy in Broadchurch, and the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who – but to his buddies, David Tennant is just DT. Sitting down with the likes of Olivia Colman, Jodie Whittaker, and Whoopi Goldberg (worth listening to just to hear him say, “Goldberg”) Tennant talks life, art and strange stories with his guests over a nice cup of tea. He’s charming, he’s Scottish, and he has a lot of interesting friends. Need way say more? Head here for the full podcast.

The Ron Burgundy Podcast

I’m Ron Burgundy? Seriously, what is a podcast? These are just some of the questions Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and his guests will attempt to answer on The Ron Burgundy Podcast, and we have every confidence the world’s greatest Anchorman will prove as insightful on important topics like bullying and meditation as he is on the meaning of “San Diego”.

Who The Hell Is Hamish?

Did you know Australia had their very own "Catch Me if You Can" dude? Well, we do, and his name is Hamish. Or is it? Jailed just this month for conning $7m out of a bunch of unsuspecting victims, Sydney bloke Hamish Watson’s illustrious international conman career is coming to light with the help of The Australian journalist Greg Bearup. Doing a deep-dive into the escapades of our Aussie DiCaprio, Bearup asks, just how the heck did this guy get away with it all these years? Head here for the full podcast.

Case Closed

We stan a true crime podcast, and this one has a good twist. Oh it’s full of mystery, but most amazingly, it’s about the times the good guys win and the case is closed. Season one is based on the New York Times bestselling book Secrets of a Marine’s Wife and follows the story of a woman who kissed her husband goodbye at his military base and was never heard from again. Did something happen to her at Joshua Tree where she was meant to be scouting hiking trails? Exactly who is hiding what? Tune in and find out. 

Over My Dead Body

Dan and Wendi are two good-looking attorneys whose wedding featured in the New York Times. However, when the so-called "perfect" couple falls apart, it leads to a bad break up, an even worse divorce and a murder case involving high-priced lawyers and co-conspirators. Over My Dead Body is a podcast from Wondery, the team behind iconic podcasts such as Dirty John and Dr. Death so you know this one will be your new binge for sure.

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