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Bring On The Feels, Wondery Just Dropped A New Podcast About Love

By Victoria Cotman
12th Sep 2019


September is the month for getting to the bottom of some stuff, and answering your burning questions. How do you save a relationship? The Moment can clue you in. How do political artists and famous filmmakers create their work? Creative Processing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt will let you know. How do you kill a person and get away with it? Hit Man has the answers. 

A life lesson for every occasion, here are all the podcasts worth bingeing this month.

Hit Man

Rex Feral wrote the book on how to get away with murder. Literally. Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors contained all the information a person would need to become a contract killer… and never get caught. Ten years later, police have opened up a multi-state investigation into the murders of three people, including a child. But, it is only when they discover this strange book that they find the “blueprint” for the killings. Hit Man is out now.

The Moment

We know you just sang Eminem to yourself, but this is not that. This is boy meets girl, girl meet girl, boy pursues girl, nobody likes boy, and generally how love, sex, and relationships are more complicated than any movie makes them seem. Host Ingrid Haas, of comedy show fame, chats to real couples about the long and difficult road to the (hopefully) life-long commitment and dissects the relationships of celebrities as a never-ending source of surprise marriages and breakups. The Moment is out now.

Creative Processing With Joseph Gordon-Levitt

If you follow JGL on Twitter, you’ll know this is a guy who is fascinated by everything, and interested in everyone. In his limited series, Gordon-Levitt arms himself with listener’s questions and sits down with creatives like Yuka Honda, Shepard Fairey, Rian Johnson, and Seth Rogan to talk about how and why they do what they do. Bound to be enlightening and not a little bit entertaining, Creative Processing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt is brand new, so we can all get into it together.


With the premiere of season two imminent, now is the right time for Extremities. A journey through the most far-flung human settlements, Extremities seeks to understand how and why people live in Earth’s most extreme environments. Season one takes you to the Pitcairn Islands, a collection of tiny dots in the vast blue yonder of the South Pacific Ocean. Season two is exploring Howland Island, a speck somewhere between Australia and Hawaii. Get your Moana on and see how far you’ll go.

How To! With Charles Duhigg

We all remember Dear Dolly, right? When you wrote into a magazine and asked for life advice? Well, How To! With Charles Duhigg is that, but for grown-ups asking serious questions like, “How do I rob a bank?” In case you were wondering, Charles Duhigg is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist, so you can be sure when a question such as “How do I survive a pandemic” is asked of him, he will find the answer. If you wanna know “how to” just about anything, this is the podcast for you.

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