This Cool Aussie Biz Is Here To Level-Up Your Corporate Gifting Game

By Claire Logan
11th Mar 2021

The Bundle Corporate Gifting Sample

If you’re a business owner or media professional, you’re likely familiar with the world of corporate gifting. Perhaps you’ve sent out the annual Christmas gift hampers to say thank you to clients or dropped off goodie bags packed with samples in hopes of getting some attention from the media, but it probably isn’t something you put too much thought into. 

We get it, you’re busy and it costs time, money and energy trying to come up with groundbreaking new ideas each and every time you need to send a gift. But the bottom line is, if you’re going to send a corporate gift, you want it to deliver some serious wow-factor. Otherwise—honestly, what’s the point?

That’s where The Bundle comes in. As experts in all things corporate gifting, they take gift-giving about as seriously as Santa and his elves do at Christmas. From influencer gift packages and media drops to client gifts and even something special for your staff, you can expect every creation to be totally unique, memorable and tailored specifically to your brand. 

Founded in 2017, The Bundle concept was created by Brisbane-based marketing and advertising professional, Briana Russo, who recognised a gap in the market when working in the events industry. And after a bit of a push from her former boss and mentor, decided to take the plunge.

“We would always chat about potential business ideas and one day I chatted to her about the Bundle concept, she said if I didn’t start it, she would. Still to this day, she is my mentor and sounding board to all my business queries,” said Briana.  

Over the years, The Bundle has worked its magic on gifts for big brands like Twitter, GHD, Channel Seven, Cricket Australia, Google and Nike just to name a few. And trust us, a quick peek at its Instagram and you’ll see just how cool these goodies are. 

Briana said they pride themselves on creating ‘out of the box’ bundles that generate conversations. “We create everything to order, so based on our client's brief we create a number of different concepts that we believe will compliment their brand and their receivers.” 

Next time you go to send the same old gift out, stop (c’mon, nobody actually wants another mug with your logo on it)—just let The Bundle take care of it.

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