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One Of Our Favourite True Crime Podcasts Is Turning Into A TV Show

By Morgan Reardon

Elizabeth Holmes poses in front of a media wall

We consider ourselves connoisseurs of true crime entertainment here at Urban List. A new eerie podcast—we’ve listened to it already, with the lights off. Netflix dropping a chilling docu-series—we’ve devoured it. So when these two forms of entertainment come together, well, we get seriously pumped up.

In 2020 we consumed a shedload of podcasts, and the one that truly stuck out for us, was The Dropout. Not familiar? The true crime series chronicled the insane life of Elizabeth Holmes, the former billionaire turned fraudster and jail dweller. 

The podcast, which spans seven eps, delved into Holmes life, where she went from Stanford University dropout to founder of Theranos, a medical testing start-up that garnered billions of dollars in funding and a staff that included top dogs from Apple and Microsoft.

Lauded as “the next Steve Jobs”, Holmes' business eventually unraveled as it was revealed the technology she invented, didn’t actually work and was causing potentially life-threatening inaccurate readings. What's more, one of her staff took their own lives as a result. It was the kind of insane story that you thought could only be made up in movies.

Holmes, once one of the richest women in the world, is now awaiting trial for nine counts of wire fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

The new limited tv series, based off the podcast, has just dropped the news that Amanda Seyfried (who recently replaced Kate McKinnon) is set to play the enigmatic Holmes and will act as producer on the show. With production set to begin shortly, we’re hoping for an on air date of early 2022. As soon as we know, you’ll know.

Until then, work your way through these epic crime podcasts. 

Image Credit: Kimberly White/Stringer

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