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Bring On Big Beasts And Magic, The Witcher Trailer Just Dropped

By Jessica Best
1st Nov 2019

Big news people, the official trailer has just dropped for Netflix’s highly-anticipated The Witcher so tune in because here’s everything you need to know.

Set to drop on the mammoth streaming service 20 December, The Witcher is locked for a juicy eight episodes. Yes, it’s a Netflix Original but this bad boy is based on the best-selling fantasy series by the same name (written by Andrzej Sapkowski) and chronicles an epic tale of fate and family.

The premise is that Geralt of Rivia (played by the glorious Henry Cavill who you know from Man Of Steel) is a solitary monster hunter who struggles to find his place in a world called The Continent, where the people around him prove to be more wicked than beasts. There’s a lot of elves, gnomes, witchers (yes, witchers… not witches) and humans around but cyphering out who is good and who is evil is the hard part.

In true fantasy-form, “destiny” basically hurtles Geralt towards a powerful sorceress and a princess with a dangerous secret, which forces the three to navigate The Continent together.

The Witcher is guaranteed to wholesomely fill that GOT-shaped hole in your life and you can scope what you’re in for below.

The Grudge is also coming back and the trailer is pure hell.

Image credit: Netflix

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